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**Today's Deal Alert** Buy 2 Items Get the 3rd Half Off!

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Free FAST Discreet Shipping Over $49

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Track Your Order | Text & Email Updates

Experience Mind-Blowing Pleasure with Our Anal Masturbators for Solo Play

Experience Mind-Blowing Pleasure with Our Anal Masturbators for Solo Play
Experience Mind-Blowing Pleasure with Our Anal Masturbators for Solo Play
Experience Mind-Blowing Pleasure with Our Anal Masturbators for Solo Play
Experience Mind-Blowing Pleasure with Our Anal Masturbators for Solo Play
Experience Mind-Blowing Pleasure with Our Anal Masturbators for Solo Play

Experience Mind-Blowing Pleasure with Our Anal Masturbators for Solo Play


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How it all started.. well kinda

Meet Joie and Alex, a fun-loving couple, who were hanging out at their favorite coffee spot - surrounded by the hum of the daily grind and the smell of overpriced lattes. It was there, amid casual sips and shared smirks over their avocado toast, an idea was born.

That day, they chatted about something not everyone talks about openly: adult toys. They noticed many people were curious but too shy to explore because of privacy worries or what others might think.

Then, they had a bright idea: why not have a store where shopping for sex toys was as fun as watching American Pie? A place where discovering these toys is a fun, easy, laughter-filled adventure. They wanted to shake things up by adding humor and a bit of cheekiness to the mix.

So, Toy Hub USA came to life with a mission: “Deliver Giggles and Wiggles to Your Doorstep." Whether you're exploring alone or with someone special, Toy Hub USA aims to add a spark of joy and excitement to your life.

Joie, with her knack for making things less awkward - and whose favorite movie is Zack and Miri Make a Porno, whipped up playful guides for their products. Imagine tips like "5 Ways Your Vibrator Can Double as a Conversation Starter" or cheeky insights on how "Love Balls Are Taking Over the Fashion World." Meanwhile, Alex, the tech whiz of the duo, ensured the online shop was a breeze to use, focusing on keeping things private, convenient, and filled with top-notch products.

Toy Hub USA wasn't just an online store to them; it was their adventure, a way to bring smiles, laughter, and a little bit of mystery right to people's doors, spicing up lives and strengthening bonds, one delightful package at a time.

What makes this item awesome!?

Hey there, you wild and adventurous soul! Are you ready to take your solo play to the next level? Our Anal Masturbators are here to rock your world and bring you to a level of pleasure you've never experienced before. Made in the USA with love, these Masturbation Aids for Males are designed to satisfy your wildest desires and leave you completely fulfilled.

The textured love labyrinth is like nothing you've felt before, sending you on a wild adventure towards the most mind-blowing, toe-curling orgasms you've ever imagined. And with the included Silicone Rings, you'll experience an extra-tight squeeze that will make your eyes roll back in ecstasy.

Our Masturbation Sleeves are the perfect way to fulfill your deepest desires and enjoy the ride of your life! Glide your way to happy land with the super-soft Fanta Flesh, and feel the velvety warmth of the insides wrap around your dick in the most sensual way.

So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your wild side and enjoy the ride of a lifetime with our Anal Masturbators. Get ready to experience the best solo ride of your life! Trust us, your partner will be begging to get in on the action once they see how happy you are! Don't wait any longer, the pleasure of your dreams is just a sleeve away!

Product Specs:
- Bareback Cum Dump masturbator
- Made of super-soft Fanta Flesh material
- Life-like fleshy sphincter and velvety warm insides
- Tight and textured core with a uniquely textured love labyrinth
- Includes 3 silicone rings for an extra-tight squeeze
- Stretchy cockrings for the tightest feeling ass ever fucked

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To report a damaged item, please use the following process:

1) Contact our Customer Care team

2) Provide photo(s) along with a description of the damaged item(s) and your order number associated with the items in question.

Once we receive your email and assess the damage(s), we will be in contact with you to determine the needed outcome. Please note that all damaged, defective, and incorrect items must be reported within 7 days of delivery.

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Kale smoothies? Yoga? Pfft. Time to level up your happy hormones with some cheeky fun that'll have you grinning ear to ear. Dive into the world of adult toys that'll boost your mood faster than a sneeze through a screen door. Welcome to the ultimate feel-good fiesta where the only workout is your laugh muscles and the serotonin levels rival that of a puppy seeing its owner. Who knew wellness could be this wickedly delightful? Get ready for a health kick that’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys in your bedroom!

Close the Distance - Solo Party Time

When your favorite person can't be close by, throw a party for one! Sex toys are like your friendly party planners, making sure joy and closeness join the bash, perfect for those solo adventures or when your special someone's just a postcard away.

Quest for Bedroom Treasure

Light up the fun—transform the everyday into epic quests and cozy team-ups with sex toys, exploring uncharted territories of delight and closeness.

Enhance and Overcome - Superheroes of the Bedroom

Tackle those tricky bedroom hurdles like a pro! Sex toys are like your personal sidekicks, zapping problems and bringing joy with their special powers of buzz and thrill. They turn those "ugh" moments into "oh yes!" victories, making sure every adventure ends with a smile.

Ultimate Pleasure Upgrade

Kick boredom to the curb and welcome a world of wows! Dive into the adventure of sex toys and find out just how wild things can get. With gadgets galore, we're talking big smiles, endless surprises, and the kind of fun that makes ordinary go "What?!"

Private Pleasure, Personal Pace

Dive into a world where the motto is "Find your fun, no RSVP needed!" Sex toys are like your personal guides on a journey to discover what makes you smile, blush, and maybe even do a happy dance—all in the comfort of your own secret clubhouse.


Ready to meet your inner party animal? Light the fuse with our treasure trove of cheeky gadgets. It's like discovering the secret ingredient to life's zestiest salsa! Dive into a world where every day's a quest for the 'Oh-Yes!'

Feeling bold? Let's crank up the thrill-o-meter. Welcome aboard the express train to Thrillsville – next stop, Unlimited Excitement!

Need More Info?

Everything You Need To Know

100% Discreet Shipping

Get ready for undercover fun with zero stress! Here at Toy Hub USA, we're all about discreet shipping and billing for all your playful buys, ensuring your privacy is our top priority. Even if we drop off at work, it's our little secret—no one's the wiser!

Fast & Fuss-Free Deliveries

Buckle up for speedy delivery! Your goodies zoom out the door within 24-48 hours of saying "yes" to fun, with tracking info zipping straight to your inbox. Not totally tickled? No worries! We've got a 30-day "happy or it's back" promise.

Toy Spa Day

Keep your play pals feeling fresh and fabulous! After every party, give them a bubble bath with soap and water or a swish with toy cleaner. Find them a chill spot to dry off, out of the sun's spotlight, and always pair silicone toys with their best friend, water-based lube. Cheers to sparkly clean fun!

Finding Your Fun Fit!

Puzzled about picking the perfect size? Don't fret! Picking a plaything is all about what makes YOU smile, fit snug, and feel just right. Think of starting small like dipping your toes in the pool, then dive deeper when you’re ready. Look for toys with features that appeal to you. And remember, your body’s the boss—go with what gives you those happy vibes!

Loved by customers


Stumbling upon this site was like finding the secret cheat code to romance—suddenly, we're playing the game of love on expert mode, and winning! With a treasure chest full of goodies that keep things fresh, it's like every click adds a spark to our scoreboard. Talk about a passion power-up! This place is our secret weapon for fun and fireworks in the relationship department. Game on for endless excitement!

Austin, TX

The gear? Top-notch. The variety? Like a candy store for grown-ups. My solo adventures have gone from "meh" to "yeah!" in no time. Who knew flying solo could feel so blockbuster? Talk about a power-up for my me-time!

Seattle, WA

So, me and my better half are on opposite sides of the map, right? Cue the violins and sad movie rain. But then, BAM! We find this site, and suddenly, it's like we're in the same zip code! With all the cool gadgets and gizmos, we're keeping the sparks flying faster than a superhero with a jetpack. Who knew a few clicks could shrink the world like that? Talk about turning distance into a non-issue. High-five to tech for keeping the flame alive!

Miami, FL

This site? It’s like my secret agent for fun - super discreet and always on a hush-hush mission to deliver joy right to my door. Shopping here is like being part of an exclusive club where the only rule is enjoying yourself, no blushing required. They've got this magic way of making sure everything arrives incognito, leaving my nosy neighbors none the wiser. It's my go-to spot for when I want to explore the fun side of life on the down-low. Total game-changer for secret missions of happiness!

Denver, CO

Who knew school could be so cool? This site turned me into a student of fun 101, with each toy like a pop quiz I actually want to take! I've discovered more about what makes me tick than in any classroom, and picking out toys is like choosing my adventure in the most thrilling library ever. It's not just shopping; it's an education in joy – no boring lectures included!

Chicago, IL

Every gadget I've snagged from this treasure trove has been like hitting the jackpot – sturdy, safe, and oh-so-satisfying. It's like they've got a magic wand over there, making sure every toy is top-notch. You can really tell they're all about the good vibes, and trust me, it's something you can feel with every box that lands on my doorstep. Talk about delivering happiness!

San Francisco, CA

This shop's crew? Absolute legends! Need a hand picking the perfect gadget or got a question that's making you scratch your head? Bam! They're on it like superheroes to a rescue. No signal in the sky needed, just a quick shout out and they swoop in, saving the day and making sure my shopping spree is smoother than a slick dance move. Shopping here feels like having a backstage pass to the coolest show in town, every single time.

New York, NY

Fast-Track to Fun: Convenient Toys for the Busy Bee!

In the express lane of life, who's got time for complicated pleasure puzzles? Enter our superhero squad of sex toys: ready to go when you are, making fun as easy as pushing a button (seriously, that's all there is to it). Think of it as the joy of instant gratification without the wait.

Our toys are all about zero hassle for maximum thrill, letting you leap from zero to whoa in less time than it takes to choose a Netflix show. Wave goodbye to tedious setups and hello to instant satisfaction. With our easy-peasy pleasure-makers, you're always just a moment away from bliss. Dive into the delight without delay—because your best moments shouldn't wait.

Your Pleasure, Our Promise Guarantee

Get ready to spice up your life worry-free with our Your Pleasure, Our Promise Guarantee! If your heart isn't racing with excitement and your toes aren't curling with delight, we've got you covered. From the moment you click 'buy' to the second you sigh 'oh my', we promise a journey of pleasure without any bumps. Not totally tickled? We'll refund your giggles with no fuss. So, dive into a world of fun and let us take care of the satisfaction!

Why Wait for the Wow?

Why play the waiting game? Get your hands on the thrill in 3-5 days. Next time the excitement kicks in, you won’t have to wish you’d hit "Buy" sooner!

Don’t let the fun times pass you by - the only hurdle between you and a blast is tapping that Add to Cart button!

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