Bullet Sex Toys & Egg Vibrators

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    Bullet Sex Toys & Egg Vibrators

    Do you wish you had a small, discreet, and strong vibratory friend who does the job right? What better than the best bullet vibrators and egg vibrators for beginners?

    If you are unsure whether to buy a bullet or egg vibrator for your first use, don't fret. Continue reading to make your decision effortless. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Bullet & Egg Vibrators

    What Is A Bullet Vibrator?

    A bullet vibrator toy is one of the best unwinding tools out there. Known for being small and discreet, it makes an excellent pick for your first bullet vibe and to enjoy good ol' Pleasure Town. But don't let its' small size fool you- it's powerful!

    You can either go solo or experience the bullet vibe with your partner in all sorts of fun designs. One thing is sure- it delivers a serious punch. From stimulating your clitoris and other erogenous parts to indulging in internal exploration, the bliss of powerful vibrations takes you on an orgasmic journey. Make your whole body feel good inside and out!

    What's The Difference Between A Bullet Vibrator And An Egg Vibrator?

    Similar to the bullet sex toy, egg vibrators are touted for being discreet yet powerful. Giving you intensifying pleasure. Other than the shape, a few subtle factors make bullet sex toys and egg vibrators different from each other. 

    Bullet vibes are usually wireless & use batteries, whereas egg toys typically come with remote control. The latter is excellent for both internal and external stimulation for that oh la la moment, but bullet sex toys excel at outer body exploration. Think of them as your personal vibrating finger.

    The bliss of the bullet toys resides in the targeted stimulation, perfect for teasing and arousal. On the other hand, egg vibrators provide sensations for different parts of the body, like the inner thigh and clitoral area. Bullets are best used when you know exactly what you want, whereas eggs give you lots of variety depending on what you're into. 

    How To Use A Bullet Vibrator?

    The significant benefit of bullets is that they're so petite. They can be used for pinpoint stimulation, which means you can zero in on all your erogenous zones quickly and easily. You can get those endorphins flowing as you enjoy clitoral stimulation when masturbating or having sex with a partner. You can even use it as a g-spot vibrator and insert the bullet vibe vaginally or anally to take your adventure to the next level. 

    That's not all; bullet vibes can be used for external stimulation during partnered sex as well. Making both of you feel the intense vibrations and higher levels of pleasure. Some couples even use them during oral sex. Talk about versatility and spicing things up! 

    Most bullets offer multiple functions, which means you can experience several levels of vibration throughout your session. You'll never have to rely on one speed or cycle—it's all right at your fingertips. And take your time experimenting with what feels good for you. 

    Because, hey, there's nothing wrong with getting a little fancy down there.

    How Do Egg Vibrators Work?

    Shaped and sized like an egg, you can explore several erogenous zones with this toy. From nipples and clits to penises and perineum, egg vibrators bring excitement and kinkiness into almost any sexual situation. You can even use them right at the G-spot by inserting them vaginally.  

    For excellent foreplay or pegging, you can tuck the small egg vibrators into a harness for clitoral stimulation. It can take some trial and error before finding your ideal way of using one. But once you get the hang of it, you are in for a sensuous and powerful adventure with this buzzy lil guy. 

    With varying speed and vibration settings, the vibe will excite your touch-sensitive nerves and bless you with the glorious sensations felt throughout the pelvic area.

    Can Bullet Vibrators Be Inserted?

    Yes! No wonder ecstatic users chime in, singing praises of the bullet vibrators. They are thinner, which makes them easier to maneuver during solo play than a dildo or wand. Bullet sex toys can be enjoyed for both vaginal and anal intercourse. You can go beyond using them against the clitoral hood or clitoris. 

    Bullet vibes are available with several speed settings and patterns, just like the popular butterfly sex toy. The vibe can deliver too much stimulation and responsiveness if you rush to higher settings without experiencing the lower numbers. It's best to slowly climb up the latter of the speed to soak in the pleasure. 

    Are Bullet Vibes Good For Anal?

    Experienced anal play users looking for something more robust, more precise, or simply bigger will want something designed specifically for anal play. But there's no need to fret! Plenty of excellent bullets will have you climax like never before. 

    You can put them inside your bum while penetrating yourself or your partner anally. Before you start using bullets for anal, do not use the vibe without a leash or a substantial flange for anal insertion. There's a good chance that the toy may be swallowed up by the muscles inside the body, in some cases, reaching the colon. If you are unsure, reference the manual included with the device.

    And yes, ensure to use plenty of lube as the anus doesn't naturally lubricate like the vagina and penis. In no time, you can feel the thrill of an anal orgasm or anal climax with the release of pressure. So for those who enjoy anal sex, take advantage of your trusty little toy as often as possible.

    How To Orgasm With A Bullet Vibrator?

    While often considered solo playmates, even seasoned veterans find these small, easy-to-control vibes help set off an orgasm like nobody's business.

    A great way to figure out what feels best when playing with a bullet vibrator is to hold it horizontally. With the vibrator held horizontally, the tip will buzz against your vaginal lips instead of just your clitoris. This may feel more intense and take some getting used to at first if you're not expecting it. 

    Looking for a quick, steamy adventure away from the privacy of your home? Put on your sexiest piece of lingerie, slip in your bullet vibrator and enjoy your DIY vibrating panties.

    Wield the bullet vibe by running the tip along your labia, perineum, and other sensitive spots. You may find new sweet areas that don't seem like they should exist but trust us- they do! And orgasmically so.

    How To Use A Bullet Vibrator During Sex?

    Many couples use bullet vibes during intercourse or oral play by using one on their partner while giving pleasure themselves. Vibrators can add more sensation during sexual activity. Most couples enjoy the added stimulation, but this method may not be comfortable for others.

    And once you are past the early beginner hurdles, you will enjoy using the clitoral vibrations during partnered sex. In fact, you can take turns controlling your own vibrations- nothing feels hotter than feeling the vibe and your partner all over you simultaneously. Getting caught up in an intense and exquisite pleasure web!

    Using a bullet vibrator during intercourse, you'll be able to reach orgasms more quickly while still having some control over how much physical contact you want. Pleasing each other simultaneously and doing what makes you feel good at your own pace.

    Both bullet and egg vibes give you many options when deciding what speed and intensity level you want for each play session. So why not experiment with both toys and see which gives you more pleasure. An egg vibrator or bullet sex toy is your next best friend. Find egg-shaped & bullet vibrators at Toy Hub USA!

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