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    Thrusting Vibrators

    Doing all the thrusting yourself can sometimes be tiring, especially when all you want to do is lie in bed. Imagine how many times you need to go back and forth to achieve an orgasm. Thankfully, you don't always have to do the thrusting yourself. And neither do you need help from a second party.

    All thanks to thrusting vibrators, you have free hands to grab your sheets or touch yourself while the vibe makes all the back-and-forth motion.

    There are different types of vibrators you can own. But a thrusting vibrator is one of the best vibes to add to your collection. Why? Because there are days you'll surely need them, what better way is there to spice up your solo performance?

    People often confuse thrusting vibrators with vibrating wands or dildos, but they are very different from them. And in the world of sexual pleasure, they don't even come close. This article will discuss everything you need to know about thrusting vibes. Let's dive right in!

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Thrusting Vibrators

    What Is A Thrusting Vibrator?

    Thrusting vibrators or thrusters actually move rather than just vibrate. They imitate the motion of a partner's penis or strap-on. With a thrusting vibrator, you can enjoy faster, deeper thrusts than you'll ever be able to pump a toy in and out of yourself. You can finally get orgasms that make you levitate without the added arm strain. 

    If you find it challenging to operate sex toys or don't want to bother your hands, this toy is for you. You can stimulate your nipples or do whatever makes you feel good with your free hands. Doing this can help you achieve faster, more intense toe-curling orgasms.

    How Does A Thrusting Vibrator Work?

    A thrusting vibrating dildo is designed to give you intense pleasure as it stimulates the G-spot while going in and out, similar to a jack rabbit vibrator. Thrusting vibrators mimic the stroking motions of a penis to stimulate the inner walls of the vagina.

    The best thrusting vibes don't perform mindless back-and-forth motions. Instead, they also serve the up-and-down movement that hits the G-spot.

    Thrusting vibes stimulate you at various depths to give you mind-blowing pleasure. Thrusting dildos are available in different shapes and sizes. First, there are dildo thrusting vibrators shaped like a penis. Then, there is the rabbit thrusting vibrators, designed to deliver clitoral stimulation as they thrust. Then there are the "butterfly" variations of thrusting vibes. These have a gentler touch than rabbit-ear designs but still deliver clitoral stimulation and thrusting sensations.

    How To Use A Thrusting Vibrator

    So, how should you use a thrusting vibrator? First, select the thrusting dildo you'd like to experiment with. Then get in a comfortable position and insert the vibrator as you'd do with any other vibrator. You can use these vibrators for both vaginal and anal sex. 

    If you get a thrusting jack rabbit or butterfly vibrator, here's how you can use them to experience toe-curling, mind-blowing, multiple orgasms.

    1. Make sure your vibrator is fully charged. You don't want the vibrator to lose its thrusting power just when you're about to reach cloud 9. 
    2. Use a water-based personal lubricant to lubricate the head and a couple of inches below the shaft.
    3. Get into your best or most relaxed position.
    4. The shaft should be inserted into your vagina.
    5. Place the clitoral stimulator over your vagina. You can widen your labia and press the stimulator directly against the clitoris. Or you can place the stimulator over the clitoral hood for a gentler tickle.
    6. Activate the thrusting motor first, then adjust how far you want the vibe to go. You can try out shallow or deep strokes to find which one you prefer.
    7. Activate the clitoral stimulator and adjust the depth of the up-and-down movement as necessary.
    8. Choose a vibrating pattern that appeals to your desires, or turn the motors all the way up.
    9. Put your feet up and relax.
    10. Grab your sheets and moan all you want!

    How Does A Thrusting Vibrator Feel?

    So what does it feel like to have a vibrator thrust you in and out? Nobody wants to experience pain or displeasure from sex toys. So, are thrusting vibrators rough or gentle? Seeing these vibrators thrusting up and down on a table could turn you off. You can't imagine how they could do you any good. But boy, are you wrong if you think so! 

    Thrusting vibrators feel really good. While you can modify the speed, something about your lack of control over the movement inside your body excites you. They can thrust faster than you'll ever be able to pump a vibe in and out of you. And the good thing? They don't get tired. They can go on and on, faster and faster, until you're lost in pure, undiluted pleasure.

    Do Women Like the Thrusting Vibrators?

    A thrusting vibrator may be a little louder than other vibrating sex toys. But don't be turned off by this because when you insert them, they instantly become quieter. 

    So, do women like thrusting vibrators? Yes! Most women who have used deep thrusting vibrators fall absolutely in love with them. More so if they have one that feels like a realistic vibrator. There is talk of women who squirted for the first time because they used a deep thrusting vibrator!

    If you've been sleeping on these underrated sex toys, you're missing a lot of fun and pleasure. It's time for those thrusting vibrators to make their way out of the dark shadows and into your bedside drawer! Get one for yourself and experience the crazy pleasure this bad boy gives as it hits all the sweet spots inside you!

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