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    Butterfly Vibrators

    Finding the right sex toy can be overwhelming in a market so oversaturated with choices. It might feel even more challenging to choose where to invest your money when it depends on what works for you. If you are looking for a popular option that seems to work for most, look no further than butterfly vibrators.

    This article will explore what makes the butterfly sex toy the device that gets your stomach fluttering with butterflies of its own.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Butterfly Vibrators

    What Are Butterfly Vibrators?

    Traditionally, a butterfly vibrator is a hands-free vibrator in the shape of the insect mentioned above. It is strapped around the waist. This leaves the wearer free to use their fingers elsewhere. Some are also small enough to wear under clothes, making it a perfect vibrator for women daring enough to take their fun out of their homes.

    Butterfly adult toys have expanded to include dildos with a clitoral attachment over the last few years. These are less common, more a play on the jack rabbit vibrator but still fitting within the genre. Some can lock into a full harness as a vibrating strap-on. Neither of these is technically a butterfly vibrator, but you may see them sold under the name.

    Are All Butterfly Vibrators In The Shape Of Butterflies?

    Almost all of these toy styles will have a butterfly shape. However, that isn’t always the case. It works in the same way as long as you can strap it to the body to keep it in place against the clit for hands-free use.

    Women with smaller clitoral hoods might find other-shaped toys beneficial. A circular or oval bullet can sit more firmly and comfortably against the clit and perform more effectively. The same goes for less sensitive women who want a more pointed vibration.

    Otherwise, a butterfly vibrator with the classic shape provides vibration to a broader area. This can be very pleasant and help build to a more intense climax.

    Can a Butterfly Adult Toy Be Used With a Partner?

    Absolutely! In fact, it is the ideal toy to use with a partner. With your hands free you can focus more on the person you are playing with. For women who have sex with men, butterfly vibrators are perfect in any position during penetration. If you are having sex with a same-gender partner, you can provide them with simultaneous pleasure.

    If you have a kink for playing outside the bedroom, you might look into a model with a wireless remote. Wear the toy under your clothes, give the controller over to your partner, and voila, you got yourself remote control vibrating panties!

    Though they can be used solo, butterfly vibrators are made more for use with a partner. The assumption is that you want your hands free to touch, grab, or work on the other person. Their design makes multitasking more manageable, whether you choose a model that is turned on from the butterfly itself or uses a remote to control it from a distance. 

    How Do I Find The Right Butterfly Sex Toy For Me?

    This butterfly sex toy is designed to be as simple as possible. That makes finding the right one for you easy. There are just a few things to keep in mind:

    • Vibrator Size - Size will be the primary consideration when choosing a butterfly vibrator. The suitable toy should fit outside the labia, for the more sensitive ones, or under for those who aren’t as sensitive. A smaller toy will nestle into the folds and press against the clit to give more direct stimulation. A larger toy will sit partially outside the outer labia, then press the back into the clit to vibrate less intensely.
    • Vibrator Shape - The shape may also affect how it sits. The classic butterfly shape can be either rounded and bulky or have a more slender design with waves, bumps, and protrusions. You can find circular or oval versions of varying sizes outside the usual shape for easier clitoral access.
    • Harness Size - Most butterfly vibrators use a more casual type of strap meant to adjust to the body than what you get with, say, a strap-on. They tend to be bungee-type material that is stretchy and designed to stay comfortable. Be sure to check the sizing chart before you buy. If the more elastic style isn’t working for you, some models will have sturdier harnesses that can be adjusted more like a belt.
    • Battery Style - Older and cheaper butterfly vibrators will use watch batteries or AAA in their bullets, replacing them as needed. Newer or more expensive models tend to be rechargeable. Neither is better than the other, as each has pros and cons. Replaceable batteries can last longer and have more oomph. Rechargeable batteries are more convenient.
    • Toy Features - Different butterfly adult toys will have different features. Some of these standard features include different patterns and speeds of vibration, waterproof (submersible) versus splashproof, battery style, removable bullet versus an internal vibrator, and more.

    How Do I Properly Care for Butterfly Vibrators?

    When it comes to taking care of any sex toy, it is all about sanitation. Having a good cleaner that is made for the material of your toy is essential. Most cleaners these days are water-based and anti-bacterial. This ensures your toy is always ready to use without possibly introducing bacteria into the body, using ingredients that won’t break down the silicone that commonly makes up butterfly vibrators.

    Clean your toy every time.

    Are You Ready for a Butterfly Sex Toy?!

    Out of all the toys to choose from, butterfly vibrators are some of the most classic and beloved clitoral stimulation toys. The bliss they bring is standard for any vibrator, but you have the added benefit of leaving your hands unburdened to do whatever you like. Is it any wonder it has become so popular?

    If you are looking for a fun, flirty, hands-free sex toy that will make you see stars every time, butterfly vibrators are the way to go!

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