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    Fox Tail Butt Plugs

    The world of kink is full of various toys and methods. From BDSM kits and whips to more soft-core stuff like feather ticklers, couples absolutely love to make their sex life kinkier every day!

    Once you have entered this kinky universe, there's no backing out, as the fascination only grows the more you engage in play. Among all these tempting toys, one holds an elevated position: fox tail butt plug.

    Whether you are aroused by role-playing or simply being called foxy by your partner, a fox tail plug is what you need to stir things up in your bedroom. So next time your partner calls you a fox, be the real one for them and take your lovemaking to the next level. 

    What is a Butt Plug?

    For those trying out toys for the first time, let's look at what a butt plug is. 

    A butt plug is a toy designed to be inserted into the rectum regardless of gender or sexual orientation. This is why most couples love it so much. Butt plugs are designed with pointy heads and a broader base to prevent them from getting into your butt too far. As a result, they stimulate the nerve endings around your hole and provide the thrill everyone looks for while having sex. 

    What is a Fox Tail Butt Plug?

    You always need something more when it comes to sex. There's a chance that butt plugs might become a routine for you at some point. The same monotonous insertion of a toy inside your ass and nothing more. 

    However, you can make it even more exciting if you are looking for more seductive and steamy ways to spice things up. At this point, a fox tail anal plug can become your favorite toy and when it offers much more than an ordinary plug, why not?

    A butt plug is generally a smaller plug with a fox tail attached to it on the rear end. Besides providing anal relaxation, these plugs are a great source of excitement. With an animal tail attached, they are the best gadget you can find for a perfect role play. 

    Why Use Fox Tail Plug?

    Have you tried BDSM, vibrators, clit stimulators and whips? 

    Gone through all the kinkiest ways of submission, lashing, blindfolding and shower sex? 

    It's time to use a fox tail plug to break the cycle of repetitiveness.  

    However, as said earlier, an ordinary butt plug can lose its charm. So you need a new friend that is more provocative and thrilling. At this time, a fox butt plug can help you reintroduce the fiery heat in your bedroom. Let us see how.

    1. For More Stimulated Sex

    Consider yourself penetrating your pecker into her vagina. Would you like some extra stimulation? Well, butt plugs can just do that!

    They touch the nerve endings around your butthole and put pressure on the walls of the vagina too. While the female partner feels extra sensation both ways, the male partner can also feel tightness on their penis.

    2. Role Play

    Role play is perhaps one of the most ancient kinks and has not been outdated. This is because it offers so many different opportunities and varieties of extracting the best out of the sexual experience. 

    If you are thinking of different role-play ideas, a fox tail anal plug can provide one. You can simply put the plug in your hole and assume the role of a fox. Being a pet means complete loyalty to your partner and total dependence on their will. In this way, you can simultaneously role play with a bit of submission and the kinkiness of animal characteristics. 

    3. Single Solitary Fun 

    Feeling lonely with a few house chores to do? Don't worry. Put an anal plug with a tail in your butt and begin with work. 

    It can be fun to feel the stimulus every time you move. A vibrating fox tail plug can be even more fun in such a scenario. Moreover, you can add some slight weight to the tail to make it even more enjoyable. 

    4. Masturbation

    Perhaps you are alone and want to steal a few moments of seduction from your busy routine. Masturbation can help you, but you can turn the fancy into a double-edged sword by adding Waggerz Moving and Vibrating Fox Tail Anal Plug. With additional stirring up your ass, it will surely be a merry session. 

    Do Girls Like Wearing Plug Fox Tail?

    For girls, wearing the furry foxtail is sensual in more than one way. Firstly, it has a plug attached to the tail, stimulating the sensuous parts inside your butt. So it becomes quite a fascinating experience once you get used to it. 

    Subsequently, wearing a plug with a soft tail is an arousing experience. The tail sometimes tickles the outer area and arouses passion. Besides, do you know a girl that doesn't like role play and being called a fox romantically by their partner? 

    How to Use Butt Fox Tail Plug?

    A fox tail butt plug is the simplest of toys with the most intense feelings. You can use it without any prior familiarity. Let us see how.

    1. Use Lubrication

    Your butt does not lubricate itself like a vagina. So the most essential part of using a fox tail butt plug is lubricating it properly. This will help you get through it without much pain, at least as a beginner. However, once you get used to it, you can use it according to your priority. Yet, for the sake of safety, using lubrication each time is highly recommended. 

    2. Plug It In

    After you have carefully lubricated the opening, slowly put the plug inside. Do it slowly and if you feel the pain, make sure that the lubrication is enough to let it slip in. 

    3. Be A Fox for Real

    Once you have got it inside and are comfortable, you can play the role of a fox. Make sure that you extract the best out of this experience.

    Taking up various roles when using anal fox tail plugs is a dynamic experience and fires up your sex life enormously. So if you are not using this fascinating toy, this is your hint to start now!

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