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    Realistic Dildos

    There is no shortage of sex toys out there to enjoy. Big sex toys, small sex toys, sex toys shaped like bunnies and dolphins, bullets that nestle in tiny holders, vibrators that you can wear all day, suction dildos… the world is your naughty oyster. But what about ones that look like the real deal?

    Realistic dildos have always been on the market. But in the past few years, they’ve seen a surge in popularity, particularly among women. What about life-like dildos that have caught the eye of ladies looking for fun? Are they worth the hype? 

    Keep reading to find out why you might want your own ultra-realistic dildo in your toy chest.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Realistic Dildos

    What Are Realistic Dildos?

    Realistic dildos are sexual aids made to look and feel like the real thing. They come in all sizes, with textures such as veins and grooved heads. There are even porn star dildos molded by the penis of real porn stars. A real-life dildo is the closest thing to a dick you’re going to get out of a guy’s pants.

    The question from most isn’t if they look natural, however. It is whether or not one can feel like a penis. Can a woman get the same satisfaction from one of these tumescent toys as she can from a partner?

    Can a Life Like Dildo Feel Like a Penis (Really)?

    Come on. There is no way realistic dildos feel like a man’s actual Johnson, right? You’d be surprised. Thanks to recent technology, manufacturers have been creating softer feeling sex toys that are far from the hard plastic of past models.

    Now, will it be like a living, breathing person’s organ? No, we haven’t quite reached that level yet with a dildo toy. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be impressed by the facsimile. Thanks to the inclusion of veins, a detailed, circumcised head, and even balls, your imagination can fill those blanks pretty well.

    What Is An Ultra Realistic Dildo Made Of?

    Life-like dildos are made of varying materials, depending on how flexible and soft they aim to be. In most cases, it is some version of medical thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) or silicone. Some will use both to keep a sturdy shape while remaining soft enough to feel more natural.

    When looking at these toys, you might notice the use of material names like “real skin,” “New skin,” etc. These are branded materials that are manufacturer secrets. As more of these realistic dildos hit the market, companies are coming up with their personal way to mimic the feeling of an actual phallus.

    Can A Dildo Feel Realistic Without Looking Like a Real Penis?

    Some women might not be comfortable with the idea of a toy that looks so much like an actual dick. Unfortunately, if you want something that feels like the real thing, it has to look like the real thing. That doesn’t mean it has to be as detailed as some models have become.

    You can find smoother dildos that are made of the same materials. They will come in different colors, like bright pink, purple or true black. They lack the veiny surface and unique features, like the realistic dildos that actually squirt lubricant.

    Some ladies are looking to experiment with size, so a natural choice would be either an extra large dildo or an extra small one. Size matters, but it is relative to each individual.

    In the end, you can choose a toy that matches your comfort level with the size or visuals.

    What Is The Most Realistic Looking Dildo?

    We could call plenty of toys out there the most realistic dildos by look. For hyper-realism, the Realcock line from RealDoll is so accurate that it starts to get into uncanny valley territory. They have five different “men” to choose from, each with their own unique look. For $499 to $799, they can be yours.

    But for those who don’t want to spend that kind of cash, you can find some incredible toys on a budget:

    Nasstoys Realskin Squirting Penis

    Squeeze the balls and watch it squirt... that’s the tagline and a descriptive one. This one doesn’t look that realistic due to the material used, but it is soft enough to give it a pretty good feel, especially with some heated lube to add to the effect. The ejaculation is an added bonus -if you like that sort of thing.

    Pipedream King Cock 7” Cock With Balls

    The clear coloring of this toy might make it lower on the realism scale, but it is hard to argue with the results. They put extra effort into the details, especially the veins that are just raised enough to give extra stimulation without discomfort. The flexibility makes it feel more like a natural penis. Plus it works well with harnesses, thanks to the well-sized balls. There is a suction cup that adheres to most surfaces, too.

    Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Realistic Cock

    Doc Johnson is a beloved brand for a reason. If you want something that feels flesh-like but has more firmness to it (some of us like the pressure), this is the ideal toy for you. It looks like a life-like dildo but a bit more ‘oomph’ without feeling like you’re being skewered with hard plastic. Not a big fan of bulging veins? Skin’s Mr. Smith 6” Dildo With Suction Cup is an excellent balance between realism and comfort for those who want a bit less detail and a smoother glide. With a 4.5” insertable length, it feels like a real penis - more than the ones you may have experienced before. The PVC isn’t perfect, but when heated up in warm water, it holds its temperature beautifully.

    Real Life Dildo: Yay or Nay?

    Now that manufacturers are developing better alternative materials to mimic the feeling of human skin, it’s the perfect time to invest in a realistic dildo.

    These toys can satisfy in a way that no other can, whether they suction, vibrate, or ejaculate. It’s a definite “YAY!” from us.

    Shop for the most realistic dildos at Toy Hub USA. We offer a wide range of ultra-realistic & life-like dildos modeled after real penises. Shop our website today!

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