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    Nipple Toys

    It might be a surprise that nipple sex toys are one of the most highly sought after and favored instruments in BDSM stimulation play.

    More often than not, the nipples are only given attention during foreplay or in combination with bondage restraints. They are often forgotten during penetrative sex, but having nipples stimulated is a sublime feeling one shouldn't miss out on - both women and men!

    Want to improve your sex life? Get in touch with the BDSM world and experiment with nipple stimulation toys. They're especially great for those who get off on getting their nipples licked, nibbled on, pinched, and bitten.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Nipple Toys

    What are Nipple Toys?

    Generally, anything that can stimulate the nips and nipple sex toys come in various types, shapes, and forms. Their primary function is to stimulate the hundreds of nerve endings on the nipples to bring you waves upon waves of pleasure.

    Nipple play toys are designed to pinch and restrict blood flow to the nipples, while some are made to suck and make your nipples engorged and sensitized. Some are intended to deliver a pleasure combo to your nipples and clit simultaneously!

    As for whether nipple play toys hurt depends on the type of nipple stimulation toys used and your preference. If you're incredibly turned on by rough nipple play, it's safe to say that you'll love nipple toys!

    Different Types of Nipple Sex Toys and How to Use Them

    There's a massive variety of nipple play toys on the market, and it can become quite overwhelming when choosing which is best for you. Nipple sex toys come in several categories, according to their functions:

    Nipple Clamps

    While they can look a lot like torture devices, nipple clamps are anything but! They're designed to pinch your nipples, restricting blood flow while providing pleasure-inducing stimulation. 

    You’ll feel a rush of wonderful sensations when the clamps are released.! Some nipple clamps will come with chains so you or your partner can tug for extra stimulation.

    Others come with a leather collar for the neck for erotic kinky play. These nipple toys can also do double duty as a clit clamp, while some even have clamps provided for the clit - a trifecta of pinching pleasure for you! You can combine them with gag sex toys or a chastity device for an extra kinky DBSM experience.

    To Use Nipple Clamps: attach the clamps to your nipples either around, below, or above, wherever you feel most comfortable. Most clamps come with adjusters, so you can adjust the pinch pressure as you see fit throughout your kinky session and release the clamps when you feel your orgasm building up. Re-attach and detach as you please. A word of warning, it's recommended to use nipple clamps for no longer than 15-20 minutes to get your blood flow back to normal.

    Shop our collection of nipple clamps here. 

    Nipple Suckers

    If you're not a fan of pinching, nipple suckers might just be the perfect nipple toy choice. These are designed to - you guessed it - suck the living daylight out of your nips! Also known as nipple pumps or vacuums, these nifty gadgets draw blood flow to the nipple, increasing their stimulation. Making your nipples more engorged, perky, and deliciously sensitive to other touches during foreplay and penetrative sex.

    To use Nipple Suckers: Squeeze the bulb and place them over the nipples, allowing the suction to do the rest. Take them off to let your partner stimulate your sensitized nips through licking, flicking, or biting - whatever turns you on! These can also be used on your clit for that orgasmic stimulation!

    Shop our curation of nipple suckers here.

    Nipple Vibrators

    While you think that vibrators are only used for 'down there' stimulation, this type of nipple sex toy can also be used to bring pleasure to your nipples. Nipple vibrators are another fun, hands-free way to stimulate your nipples during foreplay and sex. They commonly come with a clamp or sucking function, giving you the best of both worlds when pleasuring your nips!

    To Use Nipple Vibrators: Like classic vibrators, nipple vibrators come with multiple vibration and pulse modes. The sensations brought about by the vibrations can be felt throughout your whole breast and not just the nipple area.

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    Benefits of Using Nipple Stimulation Toys

    Suppose you've had a partner give lavish, sole attention to your breasts and nipples. In that case, you know how exquisitely satisfying and insanely arousing the stimulation can become. Imagine the added arousal and erotic-ness of having a nipple sex toy used on you.

    Using nipple stimulation toys such as nipple clamps, nipple suckers, or nipple vibrators doesn't only guarantee a more explosive and satisfying sexual experience. It's also another way to achieve multiple orgasms through both nipple and clitoral climax!

    To date, nipple toys are one of the best in sensation & stimulation play, aside from handy hands-free pleasure devices. And while nipple play with fingers and mouth is satisfying enough, imagine the upgrade your nips will be experiencing with these nipple sex toys at hand.

    Shop stimulating nipple toys at Toy Hub USA! Find a large selection of nipple sex toys and add a playful experience during foreplay or sex. Shop today!

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