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    9 products

    Squirting Dildos

    There’s no need for the real thing when you discover the world of opportunities that come with a realistic squirting dildo. Designed to be as close to a penis in both shape and size as possible. You’ll be able to give the ultimate g-spot stimulation, all with a realistic squirting function that will have you finishing in no time.

    These toys are perfect for anyone who can’t ejaculate in the way they want to, whatever the reason! Supercharge your erotic fantasies with firm, flexible and bulging dildos that are ideal for getting more adventurous in the bedroom and titillating yourself or a partner.

    Ejaculating dildos are a great kinky toy to add to your collection to spice up your sex life and find new and pleasurable ways to get yourself off. If you’re craving the feeling of a super realistic penis, there’s no better toy to get than one of our squirting dildos.

    At Toy Hub USA, we stock a range of the best realistic squirting and celebrity dildos you can find anywhere. Pick the girth and length that suits you best, and look forward to earth-shattering orgasms and a whole world of addictive stimulation. Whether you need a super girthy dildo to bring you to climax or something smaller to hit you in all the right spots, we’re here to help you select the best squirting dildo for your preferences.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Squirting Dildos

    What is a Squirting Dildo?

    A squirting dildo is like your typical girthy dildo but modeled to look as close to a real penis as possible – all veins and testicles included. 

    This ultra realistic dildo fills you up just as you would want, with a lifelike head and textured shaft providing extra satisfying internal and external stimulation. The main difference that sets these exciting toys apart from the rest is their ability to squirt.

    How do Squirting Dildos Work?

    Our selection of large and in-charge squirting dildos give big-style orgasms by filling you up and hitting your sensitive areas for toe-curling sensations. Suppose you want the life like feeling of ejaculation or that extra bit of pressure to help you get to orgasm. You can finish off your steamy session by squeezing the dildo and shooting semen-like fluid inside you.

    Your pleasure is at your command with these realistic squirting dildos; no more waiting for your partner to finish. Simply press a button and fulfill your fantasy. Satisfaction is in your hands with our range of ejaculating dildos that will make it hard for you to go back to the real thing anytime soon.

    How Do You Use an Ejaculating Dildo?

    Take your sexual experiences to a whole new level of realism. Ejaculating dildos offer the same feelings as a realistic skin dildo, but at the final moment will squirt just like the real thing.

    Before you start getting frisky, you can fill your realistic squirting dildo with water or a semen-like lubricant that can be fired at the exact moment of orgasm. Most squirting dildos will ‘ejaculate’ through either a syringe or pump, which is connected to a thin tube running through the shaft of the dildo. When you’re ready, simply press the button, release the syringe or squeeze the pump for ultimate satisfaction.

    Whether you’re using the squirting dildo in a solo session or with a partner, you can use it the same way you would a regular dildo. Experiment with pumping the toy in and out of you, or use it to tease yourself externally. Some toys may also have vibrating functions, adding a new layer to blissful stimulation.

    Do Ejaculating Dildos Feel Real?

    An ejaculating dildo promises to feel just like the real thing, bringing authentic pleasure and intense stimulation to anyone that uses it. With a range of options, you can select your perfect dildo shape and size to give you the best orgasm of your life – whether you want the girth, length, or veined details to bring you to climax.

    Looking for a realistic squirting dildo? Look no further than Toy Hub USA. Add a new level of realism to your sex life, and try out one of our realistic squirting dildos today!

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