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    26 products

    Is a Vibrating Butt Plug Right for You?

    If you want to take your pleasure to a whole new, electrifying level during masturbation or sex, vibrating butt plugs may be the perfect toy to spice things up in the bedroom. Our range of high-quality and durable vibrating anal plugs at Toy Hub USA are sure to give you an exciting experience, with the intense rippling and pulses giving you an orgasm like never before.

    We don’t think that anyone should have to settle for basic anal play, so why not try something a little different next time and add a vibrating butt plug into the mix to give you, or your partner, a satisfying buzz that can’t be matched.

    Combining the pleasurable pulsations of a vibrator with the waves of fulfilling pleasure that come from your standard butt plug, our vibrating anal plugs will quickly become an essential in your sex life, and a mainstay in your toy box.

    With a range of sizes, brands and strengths, we offer vibrating butt plugs for everyone to enjoy–whether you’re a complete beginner, or a seasoned pro. Choose from our starter-friendly Tush Trainer for multi-speed excitement, or live out your kinks with our Moving and Vibrating Leopard Tail and Ears set that will leave you feeling mesmerized, and your booty buzzing.

    What are Vibrating Butt Plugs?

    Butt plugs and vibrating anal plugs are toys that are uniquely designed to stimulate the prostate, a walnut-sized gland that’s packed-full with nerve endings that can be seriously orgasm-inducing when touched properly.

    Butt plugs work to properly stimulate the area, but with added vibrations, you’ll experience full-body orgasms that are so much more satisfying than the penis-only pleasures you may be used to.

    What do Vibrating Anal Plugs Feel Like?

    If you’re already accustomed to the delightful satisfaction that comes with a butt plug, vibrating anal plugs feel similar when inside the rectum, just with the added joy of vibration.

    A butt plug will ever-so-gently stretch the anus and create a sensation of pressure and fullness that will make anyone tingle with pleasure. 

    Combining the best sensations that come from a butt plug and a vibrator, a vibrating anal plug will stimulate your prostate and give you the full-body tingles that will leave you with an earth-shattering orgasm before you know it!

    How Do I Use Vibrating Butt Plugs?

    Once you’ve got your vibrating butt plug of choice, start with plenty of lube–the anus doesn’t produce its own lubricant like the vagina does so to keep things feeling comfortable, make sure to apply liberally, and often! This will also minimize the risk of any soreness or injury that could seriously kill the vibe in the bedroom.

    If you’re new to using butt plugs, take it slowly at first–you don’t need to go in all guns blazing! Be gentle and stay relaxed to get the most out of your exciting new toy.

    Remember that it’s all about what feels good to you, so experiment with vibration speeds and movements to see what fills your body with pleasure.

    Once you’ve finished with all the fun, don’t forget to give your toy a thorough clean with a mild soap or one of our specific toy cleaners. You want to make sure that it’s squeaky clean and safe the next time you crack it out for a solo session, or fun with your other half.

    Can vibrating anal plugs give you an orgasm?

    Yes! Vibrating anal plugs can be seriously arousing, bringing on an intense and pleasurable orgasm that fills your whole body with satisfaction while you’re screaming for more.

    Prostate stimulation can be seriously pleasurable and body-throbbing, so even if you don’t ejaculate from a vibrating anal plug alone, it’s definitely going to feel great while you’re using it–trust us!

    Can Guys Use a Vibrating Anal Plug?

    No matter what gender identity or sexual orientation you are, as long as you have a butt, you’re going to love our range of vibrating anal plugs.

    Anal play can be pleasurable for anyone, but guys especially will feel an intense pleasure thanks to the unlocked sensations that comes from stimulating their g-spot. 

    At Toy Hub USA, we’ve selected a wide range of vibrating anal plugs that will feel insanely good for anyone that uses them, so take your pick and have some fun (your butt will be thanking you soon!)

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