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    7 products
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    Your Ultimate Guide on Feather Ticklers

    Being playful with your partner in bed is one of the most exciting things. However, there comes a time when you need to change it up. Maybe you’ve tried restraints and cuffs or utilizing your natural gifts such as teeth and nails but now it’s time for something different.

    It does not matter whether you have reached the pinnacle of passion throughout all these years or just beginning with your kink, feather play is perfect for building up the intensity. 

    What Are Feather Ticklers?

    A feather sex toy is a unique play toy used to enrich your sexual experience and features a long stem with a combination of various feathers. A simple feather has the capacity to send shivers down every part of your body. 

    If you want to experience an ultimate sensual experience using the smallest of sex devices, feather ticklers are the one to go for! 

    Feather ticklers are used for gentle sensory titillation. While they are generally associated with bondage and restraints, you may use a sex feather in any scenario and it won’t disappoint you. 

    Whether your partner prefers gentle massages or enjoys more hardcore sessions with whips and cuffs, using a feather sex toy during foreplay will have them asking for more!

    How Is Teasing with A Feather During Sex Arousing?

    All lovers want to enhance their partner’s sexual experience. People try various things from sensory massages to temperature play and spanking. But an object as small as a feather tickler can excite your partner beyond imagination!

    You may be asking yourself:

    But how can you enliven your partner with a simple feather? 

    How does it heighten the sensory experience? 

    Well, a tickler can help you notch up arousal to its heights with a slow and steady approach. Here are some ways in which you can use it to tease your partner!


    The gentle caressing of a sex feather awakens your body from a deep slumber and makes you conscious of the world outside your bond. Use the tickler to caress your partner’s face, lips, eyes and nose to tease them.


    One of the reasons feather ticklers are the best device is that they are versatile. While going down on your partner’s body with a feather sex toy, you will activate and stimulate their nerve endings. Keep stroking them until they ask for more!

    From being a starter to foreplay to the orgasmic ending, a feather can be your sole device if you know how to handle it. Tickling your partner during erotic play can make them go crazy and you might hear the loudest of moans. 

    How To Use a Feather Tickler Sex Toy?

    You can use feather tickler as your main toy whether you intend to go for a bondage restraint session or erotic sensational foreplay. Bondage play gives more power to the dominant partner as the submissive one can’t stop the tickle and the gentle sensation keeps increasing.

    Here are some scenarios in which you can use the feather tickler sex toy:

    1. For Foreplay

    Before you even start to take your partner’s clothes off, you can catch them off guard with the feather tickler. Start by kissing them tenderly while you use this toy to tickle their neck and shoulders until they get goosebumps all over their body.

    1. For Bondage

    Begin with tying your partner to the bed while they are lying down. A loose knot can help you reach even more parts of their body and make your foreplay even better. Softly brush their skin with the feather tickler beginning from the neck and continue all the way down to their toes. Make sure to spend enough time on each body part in order to provide a full experience.

    1. For Climax

    Do not shy away from exploring more sensitive organs unlike with a whip where you must be careful. You can even try using a whip and a feather at the same time to heighten the pleasure.

    Try to understand what your lover demands and interpret signs from their body language. At some moments, you might need to press it hard whereas on most occasions, gentle brushing is enough to make them climax.

    Feather Tickler with Bondage and Blindfolding

    Sex is always about rising energy. And with passion comes the desire to do even more! When a simple tickler gets boring, try adding some more colors to it. Tie down your partner and blindfold them with no option but moaning. Make sure to earn their trust before trying this. When they consensually go for the blindfold, they allow you to use their body willingly and to take complete control with absolute power. Use this power to please them to the max!

    A long stem feather like Scandal Feather Crop is one of the best options here. You can give your partner the naughtiest sensual experience by using the long handle to gently slap them. Using a blindfold will immediately alert their senses. Random tickling and slapping on the front as well as the back can stir the deepest nerves. 

    A romantic getaway begins with foreplay. And a feather tickler livens up your sensual foreplay. While some partners opt for more kinky and hardcore toys, a feather can be a unique romantic addition to dull sex life. From teasing your innocent partner to smacking their back for mischievous behavior, a feather has to offer a lot more than you think. 

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