Double Ended Dildos

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    Double-Ended Dildos

    A frequent prop in lesbian porn, double-ended dildos don't get nearly the amount of attention in real-life sexual activity that they deserve. The truth is that these are some of the most fun and versatile sex toys you can find on the market today and for a much larger demographic than you may realize. 

    If you have ever thought about playing with a double-sided dildo, read on to learn everything you need to know before you make your purchase. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Double Ended Dildos

    What Is a Double-Ended Dildo?

    A double-ended dildo is a penetrative sex toy that takes two standard dildos and puts them together. This allows them to be used from either side, making them a popular option for girl-on-girl scenes in adult entertainment. But they are much more than a fantasy. 

    The double-dong dildo comes in many sizes, shapes, and levels of realism. In most cases, they are made of somewhat soft silicone, averaging 12 to 18 inches in length. They are molded in two primary shapes: 

    • Smooth double-sided dildos that are one single piece with two heads of the same size
    • Textured double-ended dildos that meet in the middle but are made of two distinct penetrative toys

    The dildo sex toy you choose will depend mainly on what you are looking for in a sex toy. For people using it solo, a sizeable double-ended dildo will give you complete control over how much you take during penetration. Couples or people who intend to use them with a partner can enjoy different levels of flexibility, bumps, ridges, and sizes that adjust along the shaft. 

    How Do You Use a Double-Sided Dildo?

    You use a double-sided dildo in the same way as any other: apply lube (if you prefer) and insert on end into either the vagina or anus. Suppose you are using it with a partner. In that case, they can either control it when used on you, have you control it on them, or insert the other end into their vagina or anus simultaneously. 

    Keep in mind that having sex lubricant on hand is helpful. Some can be large, and having extra lube will make it easier to insert it into yourself and/or your partner. Another reason is that using a double-ended dildo requires a lot of movement, which leads to friction that can wipe away natural moisture. Adding some extra wetness will make it easier to move both sides in and out during sex. 

    Who Can Use a Double Dong Dildo?

    A common misconception is that a double-dong dildo is only used by lesbian couples. The truth is that many gay women don't use penetration during sex. While these sexual aids are as much an option for lesbian couples as anyone else, they are far from exclusive to that demographic. The adult industry isn't a great representation of their benefits. 

    Whether you are gay, straight, in a couple, or alone, male or female, you can enjoy these bad boys and participate in the fantasy. For example, a curved dildo is perfect for vaginal or anal play, size queens, or those who appreciate a smaller penis. Thanks to the wide selection in sex shops, anyone can find the right model for their own double-trouble shenanigans. 

    Choosing a double-sided dildo comes down to a few considerations:

    • Size
    • Shape
    • Texture
    • Flexibility
    • Aesthetic

    Let's take a look at some of the top-selling double-ended dildos available. 

    Top 5 Double-Ended Dildos You Can Buy Right Now

    Pipedream Icicles No. 55

    Pipedream has several double dildos on sale, but this one might be their best. Made of two different dildos, they have used glass and dual textures to give you the ultimate pleasure regardless of what side you choose. One has ribs while the other has bumps, and both are tipped with a bulbous head and shaped with the right curves to reach the g-spot and the p-spot. 

    Nasstoys Seduce Me

    Nasstoys designed their double dong dildo to be used solo. Created with a deep curve, you can simultaneously slide it into the vagina and anus for the ultimate double penetration with a simple rock of the hips. While you can use it with a partner, those who want some exciting alone time will appreciate this two-headed wonder. 

    Curve Toys Jock 

    Want something big, but your partner likes them slim? This is a fantastic compromise, with a tapered dildo to one side and a girthier model to the other. A full 13 inches await you, with some light veins for a bit of texture and a simply crafted head for a bit of a tickle when it goes inside. The Jock is proof that sometimes essential is best. 

    Blush Novelties Dr Skin

    Who says it is all about the length? Anyone who has ever gotten off to the sight of double penetration in a single sinful spot will appreciate this unique dildo by Blush Novelties. They are attached at the base with a suction cup that can stick to most surfaces. Whether you prefer the front or back door, this will be sure to test your limits in the best way. 

    Doc Johnson The D Double D

    Realism meets the fantastical with this double dildo by Doc Johnson. It comes with two realistic sex toys that are made to look and feel like the real thing. A vacuum connector in the middle lets you use them alone or attach them for twice the fun. It was made with plenty of veins for extra stimulation, as well. 

    It's Your Turn to Have Double the Fun!

    Using a double-ended dildo is a lot of fun. It can add a new spark to your sex life, whether you have a male or a female partner. It is also an excellent tool for masturbation, giving you plenty of inches to play around with. When it comes to double-dong dildos, your only limit is your imagination. 

    The best double-ended dildos and double-sided dildos are at Toy Hub USA. Browse our collection of double-dong sex toys today!

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