Sex Blindfolds

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    Sex Blindfolds

    “Ah, blindfolds, here we go again.” You will never hear your partner saying that when you pull out sex blindfolds before getting intimate in bed. In fact, adding these to your bedroom life is a surefire way to spice things up!

    While blindfolding seems like a simple technique, it has several psychological ties that play their part in stimulating passion. With a bit of help from a BDSM rope and some nipple clips, you can tap into a new level of pleasure and excitement.

    So, if you feel a little deviant and cannot get your hands on more complex toys, sex blindfolds are precisely what you want. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Sex Blindfolds

    Does Blindfolding Make Sex Better?

    Sex is a sensual experience, yet most folks agree that deprivation of one of the senses makes it even more arousing. Maybe it is because losing one sense sharpens the rest. Perhaps, when you have no idea what is coming next, the expectations and excitement are elevated. Sex blindfolds create a sexual experience that is easy to handle yet arouses most couples. You can use these to explore new areas in your sexual experience with a simple blindfolding piece of cloth or add an extra sensation with a feather tickler.

    Blindfolds intensify your passions because your brain shuts down the sense of sight and puts all that energy into other senses. This lets you delve deeper into the sensual activity without distraction from the surroundings. Besides, what makes sex better with blindfolding is the deviation from the normal. We all enjoy being a little deviant, don’t we?

    However, if you are just a beginner in sex blindfold usage, you must learn how to use it. Let us show how you can acquaint yourself creatively with this simple yet one of the most arousing sex tools. Apart from taking the full consent of your partner and giving them confidence, here are a few ways for you.

    How to Use a Blindfold During Sex?

    Blindfolds might be the sexiest thing in your life for spicing things up. You can wear a simple scarf. However, we suggest using proper silky sex blindfolds to avoid discomfort during this exploration. While only taking sight away from your partner can make it exciting, being creative is the way to touch the happy isles. 

    You may begin by blindfolding your partner and touching their body sensually. After things become a little intense, try going down on your partner, and do not let them know what you will do next. To turn the heat up a notch, you can add a gag sex toy or a pair of handcuffs.

    This game of guessing and uncertainty brings the surprise element into play, elevating the experience for the blindfolded one. Kiss your partner in places they least expect it, and vary your pace and intensity every time you touch them. 

    Moreover, you may heighten the sense of shock and surprise by taking your partner out of the bedroom. Make sure they are led carefully, with no sharp edges around or in front of them. 

    Another exciting idea is to feed your partner and make them guess. Food can always open a new dimension in your sex life. While you are deprived of visuals, different tastes can surely arouse you. 

    Can Both Partners be Blindfolded During Sex?

    Perhaps you feel a little kinky on some random day and want to blindfold yourself and your partner. While the idea seems exciting, it requires carefulness and consideration. Of course, there is nothing wrong with double blindfolding, but you should remain in your bed to avoid injuries. 

    Double blindfolding can be even more exciting for both partners. You can feel the touch and taste more intensely yourself while pleasuring your partner. Naturally, the passion doubles and brings the best out of this experience. 

    How to BDSM Blindfold Someone?

    Imagine yourself tied, with covered eyes, lying on the bed upside down while your partner fully controls you. What would you like to happen next? Begin this way and try to anticipate what arouses your partner the most. A few gentle touches initially with a gradual intensification can be an excellent way for a BDSM blindfold session. Once you get going, bring out a bondage whip and gently introduce it to your partner.

    However, it all depends on your personal preference. Going gently might be of little use to someone. In contrast, others may prefer something other than pinching or hardcore striking. Try exploring what you, as a couple, are most comfortable with. Experiment within the boundaries of what has been agreed upon earlier. 

    A bondage blindfold allows you to explore your partner more freely. So, ensure you do not lose the opportunity and go as deep as possible to feel even friskier than fifty shades

    What Sex Games to Play with a Bondage Blindfold?

    Blindfolding is exciting, but other things, such as games, can intensify the thrill. Here are a few games that you can try with your partner:

    Blind Guessing: make your partner guess different things by touching them. It can be anything in your room or any of your body parts. Mix things up to make it more fun. However, the rule is to only touch something with one finger before guessing. 

    Blind Food: food and sex can go along to heighten the excitement as well to bring fun in. Make your partner blindly taste something and ask them to guess the food. You may occasionally be naughty in between as well. 

    Bondage Blindfolds: If you can take their visuals away, why not go one step further and take the driving seat physically? Delve into the ever-exciting fun game of fantasy fulfillment with your partner handcuffed to the bed. After all, there is nothing wrong with getting kinky once in a while. 

    Now that you know everything about sex blindfolds, we hope you’ll have a safe, exciting, and surprising experience in the bedroom!

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