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    A sex gag is a simple yet effective way to introduce a new power dynamic into your kinky relationship!

    When you think about sex gags, the first thing that comes to mind is a whip-yielding, leatherwear-loving Dom holding a sex partner in tape bondage submission. And you wouldn’t be far from the truth.

    Although mouth gags have a few different applications, they are commonly related to sex play and BDSM.

    If you still haven’t tested the BDSM waters, a gag sex toy may not be on your radar.

    However, a sex gag will be an excellent addition to your bondage sex toys kink collection for those already into bondage and restraining plays.

    So, let’s see how this simple yet effective toy can help you introduce a new freakishly hot power dynamic into the boudoir.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Sex Gags

    What is a Ball Gag Sex Toy?

    Probably the most popular among the mouth-restraining toys in every BDSM starter kit is the ball gag.

    As the name suggests, mouth ball gags are usually rubber, plastic or silicone balls that sit behind the teeth, keeping the mouth open and reducing the ability to speak and breathe.

    The ball is held in place by two leather straps that go around the head and can be adjusted to fit the one wearing the gag.

    Ball gags come in different sizes and variants. Some feature a solid ball that (almost wholly) shuts off airflow, and others have a “breathable” ball with holes that allow the wearer to breathe normally. The latter type is recommended for people with health problems.

    Better safe than sorry, right?

    What is Mouth Ball Gags Used for During Sex?

    On a more serious note, ball gags are among the favorite sex toys of fetishists, BDSM practitioners, and people into kink and bondage play. Still, they are also far from being limited only to these groups of people.

    So, even if you are a rookie in the sex toys department, you can still find pleasure in ball gags.

    Gag sex can be extremely exciting and enjoyable, especially if you know what you are doing.

    Ball gags are primarily used in dominant/submissive role play to prevent speech and normal breathing and (sometimes) afflict pain.

    BDSM enthusiasts combine ball gags with other bondage tools such as ropes, nipple clamps, blindfolds, fetish outfits, and restraint kits to further indulge in a dom/sub role-play.

    How Does a Ball Gag Enhance BDSM Sex Play?

    Being on this page, it’s doubtful that you haven’t done a light online search on BDSM. But, since you are here, let’s at least cover the basics.

    BDSM stands for bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism!

    Having said that, it should have become clear why the BDSM community swears by the powers of high-quality ball gag bondage toys!

    Because they love giving and taking pain, obviously!

    But there is also a strong psychological element. A submissive typically enjoys feeling helpless and out of control, surrendering their personal powers to a dominant.

    A BDSM ball gag can help them achieve or add to such sensation by removing the sub’s voice and obstructing their breathing. Making the brain release a cocktail of pleasure hormones and throw them into a state of catharsis.

    Most sex gags also limit the movement of facial muscles typically used for expressing feelings and emotions.

    By taking away breathing ability, verbal expression, and facial expressions, gag sex toys impersonalize and dehumanize the wearer, thus helping them empty their minds and experience a sense of freedom.

    Others may simply enjoy the erotic pleasure triggered by a gag or use a sex gag as a face fucking and forceful oral sex tool. (Keep in mind that you’ll probably have to use an open gag for oral penetration instead of one with a ball.)

    How to Find the Right Size Ball Gag?

    Finding the right ball gag sex toy size for most people is a process of trial and error.

    The usual gag ball sizes measure:

    • Extra small– 1.0” to 1.25”
    • Small– about 5”
    • Medium – 1.67” to 1.75”
    • Large– about 0”
    • Extra Large– 2.5” to 3.0”

    Logically, the bigger the ball, the more muffled the sounds, the weaker the airflow, and the more intense the experience! Which one you choose is totally up to your personal preference!

    But, since nailing the circumference of the oral cavity is hard, a good rule of thumb would be to choose a sex gag that fits the wearer’s mouth at a comfortable jaw stretch.

    You could also use the circumference of a dildo you own and figure out the size of the ball gag with its help. I bet you didn’t think of it. Clever right?

    Different Types of Sex Gags

    Good thing the sex toy industry doesn’t stop at their last great idea. That way, the ball gag sex toy is far from being the only mouth restrain you can find on the market. If a mouth ball gag is not a great fit for you, here are a few similar products popular with fetishists.

    • Penis gag comes in the form of a shaft with leather straps. This is the perfect face banger for you if you want to keep them mouth-stuffed and quiet. 
    • Open-Mouth Gag — keeps the mouth open for uninterrupted steamy oral sex. Spider gags and o-ring gags are different variants of open-mouth restraints. The ring is commonly made of metal, rubber, or silicone.
    • Bite gag— inspired by horse bits, this is a restraint similar to a ball gag but smaller. A bite gag sits between the teeth and is usually made of rubber, silicone, and even metal. If you and your partner are just dipping your roes in the worlds of kinky play and BDSM, bit gags are a trait starting point. 
    • Muzzle gag  think of it as a strap-on for the whole head that also features a gag, giving you total Hannibal Lecter vibes! (If you are in that sort of thing!) It’s also a personal favorite to pet play lovers because the muzzle can be styled to look like an animal head. 

    A Note on Safety and Consent

    Before indulging in any sexual act, ask your partner for consent! It’s essential to be on the same page regarding intimacy and sexual activity, mainly if it includes pain and pleasure!

    Not everyone experiences pleasure and pain in the same way, so you will need the “holy trinity” of safe words, actions, and sounds to feel safe in the bedroom!

    When safe words are not an option (like when one has a BDSM ball gag in their mouth), you can try safe actions such as tapping patterns or object drops, or safe sounds, like a specific type of moan, or even squeezing a squeaky toy.

    Now that you know (mostly) everything about mouth ball gags, feel free to check out our store’s extensive offer of sex gags and add another dimension to your intimate life!

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