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    Personal Wand Massagers

    Wand massagers have been around for years and have been widely popular. Knowing if a vibrating wand is right for you can be challenging with many options available today. It's an earth-shattering, mind-numbing, and toe-tingling discovery that allows you to pamper yourself and/or your loved one to deep body orgasms that will knock you off your feet! 

    Designed to target external stimulation - many wand massagers are not meant to be inserted. But what they lack in multitasking, they make up for in horsepower making pleasure and orgasms so. much. better. Read on to find all you need to know about wand massagers. 

    If you're a newbie, why not start with something you know will be gentle? Maybe some classic female vibrators that are neither scary nor intimidating. It's the best way to test the waters if you're a little unsure of how you feel about the vibes of a personal massager wand.

    One thing you can be sure of is the pleasure you get out of varying levels of intensity and several vibration patterns. Seriously you are just an experiment away from taking in the delight of the best' personal massage' you've ever had!

    Go full speed and experience vibrations that spread wider and deeper until your crying rainbows and unicorns after the first use. And the wand massager becomes your very personal sex drawer staple!

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Wand Massagers

    How to Use A Personal Wand Massager?

    Since vibrating wands often come with a range of speed settings, you'll likely kick things off with the lowest setting and build up from there, depending on your comfort level. 

    It's always advised to start off slow to get a feel for the toy while you listen to what your body enjoys. It's not a race! You don't have to rush to win the much-awaited pleasure.

    The motor of the wand massager is at the head - near the round vibrating ball attached to a handle. This allows you to experience both internal and external vibrations with minimal maneuvering on your end.

    If you are looking for more settings and options to help you on your sexperimenting journey, check out some of our luxury sex toys.

    How Does A Massage Wand Work?

    This mighty toy can even be used with your partner for added pleasure or solo to target areas and tap into your happy place. It's a beast. If you want to shake yourself to pieces, the wand massager is the ultimate tool.

    One way to enjoy personal pleasure is to put the wand on a pillow and enjoy the best solo ride you have ever experienced. You can even use it to complement a vibration-less dildo to cry happy, orgasmic tears. Simply insert the dildo where you like and use the wand massager to experience the magic of multiple settings and speeds. 

    The best part; this powerful tool fits perfectly in your hand, allowing you to change the intensity anytime you wish. And if you have a waterproof, cordless Magic Wand, you are in for a portable treat. The shower. The pool. The bath. Anywhere. Anytime. 

    Zeroing In On Sore Muscles – The Original Purpose

    Surprisingly the Original Magic Wand was not originally designed to be a sex toy! This powerful machine was first intended to help relieve muscle soreness and thus can also be used as a massage tool. This versatile massager is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand with a sizeable rubber-covered power control button. The powerful motor moves the head in all directions, allowing you to work out tense muscles at the press of a button. And the head gives you an advantage over regular massagers. 

    It's perfect for relieving stress and tension in your muscles, all the way down to your fingertips and toes. For use on sore muscles, stress or any kind of tension you can put it right where you are most tender and massage until the pain subsides. Promoting a healthier body and better circulation. 

    That's not all; the massager works by transmitting deep penetrating vibration through your muscles, working out tough knots, and building flexibility without getting your hands all sticky. The powerful wand gives you a full body massage to enhance vitality and well-being. 

    You can also work it into your pre-shower routine or simply relax after a hard day's work. Using it is easy: just hold it against your body and switch it on.

    Are Wand Vibrators Stronger Than Bullet Vibrators?

    When it comes to using a wand, bullet, or even a finger vibrator, you can tailor the experience to suit what exactly fits your wants and needs. But if it's your first time with the toys, bullet vibrators would do the magic. Thanks to its discreet size, accessible shape, and simple variability! The availability of several bullet vibrators means you can pick your toy by determining its strength and functionality. 

    If you are in a pickle as to whether to pick wand or bullet vibrator, let us walk you through some significant differences. 

    First, bullet toys are smaller in size compared to wand vibrators. However, their small shape takes you on a joy ride of precise stimulation and focused vibrations at pinpointed locations. Plus, you can pair them with harnesses and dildos to spice things up. 

    Unlike a wand vibrator, you cannot experiment anal pleasure with bullet toys. The lack of a flared base of the latter means that the explorations should only be external. Daring internal adventure has a big chance for the bullet could get lost inside. Brownie points: wand vibrators! 

    Whether you're looking for a powerful vibrating wand or a bullet vibrator, you can easily adjust the strength of either to fit your needs. But there are other aspects of these toys to consider before making the final decision. 

    Can You Use A Wand Vibrator During Sex?

    A big explosive YES! Whether a solo pampering session or a romantic duo, the wand vibrator cranks your intercourse experience up a notch, making the perfect vibrator for him and her.

    It's not only you who feels the intense vibrations but your partner as well. To spice things up, you can place the wand near the clitoris or the perineum. Stimulating not just vaginal but anal as well as oral penetration. 

    And with a variety of them available in the market, you can enter the pleasure zone with passion, ease, and convenience. Ranging from super-strong to full-size wants and gentle rumble to power patterns, you are in for an incredible time of exploration and adventure. 

    Regardless, there's a vibrating wand massager for you. What a time to be alive!

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