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    Luxury Vibrators

    Sex toys don't have to be crazy expensive to do the work, but some pretty neat lux gadgets are worth the splurge.

    Luxury adult sex toys are always made of high-quality materials. They possess many advanced options and features to give you ultimate pleasure whenever you feel fancy.

    They cost a little more but with every buzz, suck, lick, slap, and move, you will be one step closer to heaven. Whether you enjoy solo play or use them as an addition in the bedroom with your partner, these bad boys are set to give you toe-curling orgasms.

    So let's dive deeper into luxury vibrators and see what makes them deserving of their own subcategory.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about  Luxury Vibrators

    What Materials are High-End Vibrators Made of?

    Luxury sex toys are all about textures and materials that give you tingling sensations and other-worldly pleasure.

    Materials are, in reality, more important than you imagine. Just think about what happens when you shop for clothes. You consider quality, texture, the knit, the stretch, how it feels to the touch, etc.

    Every fabric has a purpose - so you buy denim for its durability, synthetics for its special properties, silk for elegance, and so on.

    Similarly, luxury vibrators are made of different materials depending on their role in the process of giving pleasure.


    Silicon-made luxury vibrators are gentle to the touch and very pleasant for vaginal or anal insertions. They are also non-porous and easy to clean, store and maintain. In other words, they are long-lasting, durable, and worth every penny you invested.

    Real Feel Polymers

    Have you heard of CyberSkin, Fanta Flesh, or Real Feel Super Skin?

    These unique materials are designed to give you an extra realistic feel. It's almost like you are penetrating or being penetrated by your partner. So if you are in a long-distance relationship, "real feel" toys can spice your sex life in ways unimaginable!


    Gen-Z is definitely going after everything lucite-made, and vibrators are no exception. Its firm texture and smooth finish make these toys perfect for anal and vaginal play.

    Lucite sex toys such as Kegel balls are also non-porous and easy to maintain, so just stick yours in the dishwasher whenever you are done, and it's as good as new. 

    Metal and Glass

    When it comes to performance and versatility, you'd think metal and glass are falling behind. But let me tell you that some of the best high-end sex toys on the market are made exactly of these two materials. Metal and glass are low-maintenance, waterproof, and compaitble with every type of lubricant.

    And if you feel extra special, you can always order a custom-made one. Just because you can!

    What are Different Types of Luxury Adult Sex Toys?

    Whenever you feel like you old dildo isn't doing it for you anymore, try our collection of luxurious sex toys that are guaranteed to blow your mind!

    • Realistic Vibrators - the usual first stop when exploring luxury sex toys, the tease designed to please! Whether you are trying to break a dry spell with your partner or amping up your masturbation routine, a realistic vibrating dildo - the mighty master of orgasms will leave you begging for more!

    • Wand Massagers - Among the most popular vibrators, wand massagers are perfect for testing the sexy waters without any performance pressure. You will be able to experiment with speed and intensity and figure out the levels that work best for you!
    • Clit Sucking Vibrators - powerful stimulators that will work magic for your sex experience! Say goodbye to boring sex sessions empty of orgasmic pleasure! A high-end clit sucking sex toy will tickle your fancy - if you know what I mean?
    • Couple Vibrating Rings - for partners looking to turn up the heat under the sheets! LILO PINO has one of the finest vibrating cock rings that will leave you and your lover ecstatic. Created for both male and female orgasmic bliss, these luxury adult sex toys will redefine pleasure for you.

    What Luxury Sex Toy Should I Buy?

     What kind of high-end vibrators you are going to invest in depends on four things:

    • Performance
    • Application
    • Material
    • Budget

    Are you looking for something that will have that extra kick to get you out of your comfort zone? Or are you more into standard-looking-standard-feeling toys whose performance you are already familiar with?

    There's also the material type you prefer. For long-distance couples, "real feel" toys are great for keeping things spicy and as organic as possible.

    Obviously, luxury adult sex toys will cost more. Still, the pleasure you will get from them will compare to nothing you've ever felt!

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