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    Prostate Massagers

    Male sex toys are becoming a bigger priority in the adult market, which is good news for the guys. For a genuinely spine-tingling orgasm, there is nothing quite like a prostate massager. By targeting the P-spot, men can increase the longevity and intensity of their climax, both alone and with an enthusiastic partner.

    If you want to make your next orgasm the best of your life, read on! We will cover prostate milking and the best toyset t to ghe job done.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Prostate Massagers

    What Is a Prostate Massager?

    Prostate massagers are anal-centric toys designed to curve up and reach the P-spot. Uniquely shaped, they bend upward to press into the prostate while the shaft itself rubs against the sensitive nerves of the anal passage. Men can experience mind-blowing bliss when they incorporate anal penetration with their usual sexual activity.

    Not only will orgasms be stronger and longer, but there are health benefits. Fluids build up in the prostate, causing it to swell. This can make urination harder, and some studies have even linked it to colon cancer. By manipulating the area with a prostate vibrator, those fluids are released. This is called prostate milking, and most men of a certain age will experience it during medical exams.

    But using a prostate milker is much more fun than a doctor’s gloved finger. With prostate milking, you can keep yourself in tip-top shape and love every second of it. Think of it as an exercise… for the rectum.

    Who Can Enjoy Prostate Milking?

    Prostate massagers are among the most popular gay male sex toys, but in reality, anyone can enjoy the wonders of a prostate stimulator. Men will adore the sensations it creates and the climax achieved. Whether male or female, their partners will love the pleasure it brings. Not to mention the possibilities for kinky play, and members of the BDSM community frequently include anal in their antics.

    With the vast array of hands-free prostate massagers now available, they can be used during masturbation, as well. Just lube it up, slide it in, turn it on and keep your hands focused on your cock. The milker will do the rest, and thanks to how many are app-controlled, you won’t have to fiddle with buttons that are hard to reach while in use.

    Top 5 Prostate Toys To Make His Knees Weak

    There is no shortage of prostate massage toys to choose from. But these six are some of the best, priced for any budget.

    1. Giddi Thor

    Giddi has been creating prostate massagers for a while, and each new model is better than the last. While their Vulcan massager with attached vibrating cock ring is impressive, and their Tomo Come Hither is a win, nothing compared to the Thor, the latest in their prostate milking line.

    With both a multi-speed vibration feature and a 360° rotating head, you won’t believe what this thing can do.

    2. Lovense Edge 2

    Lovense should be proud of this one. The Edge 2 is the most recent update of their already wildly popular massager, and it is a vast improvement over the original. By connecting it through their mobile app, you can hand over control to anyone, no matter where they are.

    Have a partner who likes to watch from across the room? In a long-distance relationship? Dating someone on the Internation Space Station? They can make you cum any time, anywhere. And if you have a few tunes that get you in the mood, link it up to the toy and use the beat to get you off.

    3. Pipedream Anal Fantasy “The Pegger”

    If you have a special lady friend who likes to wear a strap-on, there is some good news: Pipedream has the perfect toy. The Pegger isn’t just a standard dildo but instead utilizes a smooth, upturned shape to directly target the prostate for some prime milking. 

    This is great for people who are new to anal or prefer a smaller size. Yet, it is large enough to please, with or without prior training.

    4. Blush Novelties Spark Ignition

    There is nothing quite as sexy as a hot car. So it was only a matter of time before somebody brought the aesthetic to an anal toy. The Spark Ignition plug from Blush Novelties has two sweeping bulbs with deep dips to really work the anal passage. The top presses into the prostate, bringing pleasure with every movement.

    The design is masculine and chic, as well. You won’t want to keep this baby in the garage.

    5. Calexotics His Prostate Training Kit

    Everyone has to start somewhere with anal, and for the curious newbie, it all begins with an anal training kit. This set by Calexotics comes with three unique plugs with three different designs: beaded, bulbed, and tapered. It also includes a cock ring and a stimulating bullet that attaches to the beaded probe, run with remote control.

    It is a simple and effective anal trainer set that will whip that ring of muscles into shape in no time.

    6. Adam & Eve Adam’s Prostate Pal

    Sometimes you want something simple but highly effective, which is the best description from Adam’s Prostate Pal. A long, smooth shaft ends with a tilted tip and bulb head. That presses up against the prostate and provides powerful vibrations. There are no frills here, but the results speak for themselves.

    This one is good for any experience level but perfect for anyone who wants prostate milking without the stretch of a traditional massager or plug.

    BONUS! Si Novelties Rinservice Deluxe Shower Bidet

    You should never go into anal play without some preparation. Be ready to get that prostate pleasured with this easy-to-use bidet from Si Novelties. Made specifically for the rectum, you can get a gentle and effective enema from your shower.

    No awkward water bulbs, no complicated tubing, and no mess with this bidet. Just hook it up, turn it on, and let the showerhead take care of the rest.

    Final Thoughts on Prostate Vibrators and Massagers

    Many men dream of trying anal but don’t know where to start. A prostate massager is a perfect introduction to the wonders of the P-spot. The ecstasy of prostate milking can turn a Big O into a Mindblowiang O. What are you waiting for? Bend over and let the plugging begin!

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