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    Nipple Sucking Toys – Stimulation that Sucks!

    Tits - those beautifully shaped mounds of flesh that love getting all the attention in the world. And on them are two sensitive "berries" that can stand erect (yes, stand erect) when stimulated by touch, thought, or a hundred and one different things.

    With over 2,000 nerve endings, your nipples are one of the most sensitive parts of your body. Sadly, they are underrated and underutilized during sex. And if you're like most women (or men), those attention-seeking baddies never get half the attention they need or deserve once your clothes are thrown off. Too bad. And this is where a nipple-sucking toy can make all the difference. 

    Ready to erase the past and rewrite your romance story? Get your nips prepared for the ride - or, more accurately - the suck of their lives! It's time to venture into Pleasure Island and explore the wonders of boob paradise.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Nipple Sucking Toys

    Do You Need a Nipple Sucking Toy?

    Who doesn't love it when their ta-tas get the proper attention? Sex goes beyond who's penetrating whom or what's penetrating where. Some body parts don't need to be penetrated to give you an out-of-the-world experience. And one of these pleasure-giving parts (or rather, two) is your boobies. 

    Suppose you've ever had a boobgasm (yeah, an orgasm from stimulating your boobs). In that case, it's an experience you want to relive over and over. Boobgasms send body-shaking, eye-rolling orgasms to your brain (be warned, they are absolutely addictive!). Sadly, most women (and men) miss out on the pleasure of caressing, gently squeezing, or sucking their boobs.

    But let's admit it. Sometimes, it's not an easy task to suck boobs. So, these all go beyond giving those ta-tas the attention they deserve. 

    Someone can suck your tits until they get sore, which might still be a dull experience. Why? Because they're probably not doing it right. They can't just grab those boobies and take them in their mouth, sucking them like straws. There must be creativity and surprises, patterns and frequencies. Mehn! Well, that's where the nipple stimulation toys come in!

    It doesn't hurt to get some help from these boob champions. I mean, that's what they were born to do—suck boobs! And you have different variations of these baddies to choose from! From hand-free variants to handheld ones, automatic to manual, and even vibrating nipple suckers - you can get just what you need! 

    With nipple suction toys on board, you can have boobgasms and orgasms from clitoral stimulation, vaginal penetration, anal penetration, and what have you. It's more like eating your cake and still having it! So, without a doubt, a nipple pump sex toy can be a godsend if you want to have the happiest boobies in the world!

    How to Use a Nipple Pump Sex Toy

    Nipple suckers are fabulous at helping you make your nipples larger, more reactive, and ready for action. These good baddies are also known as nipple pumps or vacuums—yeah, they're all one and the same.

    Picture them as little sexy mouths that adore nothing else but your nips. Feel them clinging to your nipples as if they needed them to survive —because they do! Imagine the pleasure gently building up as your nipples become erect AF. Now get ready to grab your sheets as your partner kisses, licks, flickers, or does whatever turns you the hell on! Yeah, that's what we're talking about!

    Using a nipple pump toy is easy AF. Here's how to use one.

    1. Squeeze the bulb with your thumb and index finger.
    2. Place the nipple suction toy over your nipples.
    3. Let go of the bulb. The nipple-sucking sex toy should remain in place.
    4. Allow the suction to work its magic (wear for a few seconds to a few minutes). You should start feeling some pleasure at this point as blood rushes to your nipples, making them more erect.
    5. Take the nipple suckers off.
    6. Let the fun begin!

    Once you take the nipple suckers off, your partner can stimulate your boobs any way you like.

    Pro Tip: Get some lube involved to heighten the fun! If you're having trouble making the pumps stick, you can apply a small amount of lube to your nipples. This way, the pumps grab it better. That aside, lube makes this feel really, really good!

    How Long Should You Have the Nipple Sucking Toy On?

    You can have the nipple-sucking toy on for a few seconds to about 10–20 minutes. Remove the suction cup after a few seconds if you want something short and sweet for arousal. Want something that lasts longer? You can wear it for 10–20 minutes and have all the blood rushing.

    Tips for a New Nipple Sucking Toy Buyer

    So, how do you choose the best nipple-sucking toy that transforms your bedroom experience? First, you must consider what type of nipple play you like best. You can either go with large nipple suction toys that pull in the areola (or parts of it) with your nipples or suction toys that only focus on your nipple button. 

    Also, you must decide if you would like constant sucking or sucking that comes and goes. Electric suction toys or toys with screws can stay in place and offer consistent pressure. Suction toys with a hand pump allow you or your partner to vary the suction pressure. Some nipple toys can vibrate, adding more fun and pleasure to the experience!

    Also, you should think about how you like your nipple-sucking toy to look. Color, shape, and appearance can convey subtle messages. For example, if you want a kinky erotic look, think of black nipple suckers. Want to appear more feminine? Think of pink nipple suckers. 

    Do Women Like Nipple Sucking Toys?

    Nipples come in all colors, shapes, and sizes, and most women love it when they have their nipples sucked. Nipple sucking can release oxytocin (the love hormone), which can reduce stress and is responsible for orgasms. So, do women like orgasms (see what I did there?)? They sure as hell do!

    Most women love it when their nipples get the attention they deserve. And nipple-sucking toys can give them that undivided attention, putting the nips in the mood for more pleasure and a boobgasm!

    To Sum It Up

    Nipple stimulation toys can totally spice up your sex life. A nipple-sucking toy is a great place to start if you want to experience and enjoy thrilling, body-shaking boobgasms. It's time to bring your imagination to life!

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