Suction Cup Dildos

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    259 products

    Suction Cup Dildos

    Feel like taking a ride? But the usual vibrator won't do? You need something more intense. A toy made to fulfill that urge to get on top, on your knees, or in any other position that won't work with other toys. You need a suction cup dildo.

    But before you get excited and buy dildos, read how these rideable dildos can change your sex life.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Suction Cub Dildos

    What Is a Suction Cup Dildo?

    A suction cup dildo is a sex toy with a suction cup attached to the end. This cup can be stuck to almost any surface, such as a wall. It offers additional positions you can enjoy without a partner, including cowgirl and doggy.

    The rest of the toy is an average dildo and can be made in various colors, shapes, textures, and materials. Majority of suction cup dildos are constructed from medical-grade silicone or materials that mimic natural human skin to provide you with the most realistic dildo you've ever had. Some will have additional features, like vibration, though most are non-electronic.

    How Do I Use a Suction Dildo?

    A suction dildo works in the same way as any other. They provide vaginal and anal penetration, which can be used alone or with a partner. The only difference is the end tapers into a dome meant to stick to level surfaces.

    You can press the suction cup to a wall, shower wall, floor, or piece of wood or plastic. Holding it down for ten seconds will secure it to be ridden in various positions. If the suction is weak, adding moisture to the cup before pressing it to a surface will create a more secure seal.

    These riding sex toys can also be combined with a harness, the suction cup doubling as a flare to hold it in place. This turns a suction cup dildo into a strap-on.

    Is Riding Sex Toys Safe?

    Some people worry that riding sex toys might be risky. Unlike the strapless dildo where you have total control of the movement, if your riding dildo slips out of position, it might lead to uncomfortable situations. Luckily, these tools attach securely to almost any smooth material. If they move, you would have to adjust them before continuing.

    This is also true of a mounted suction dildo used in a harness. The cup will press to the abdomen but won't create a seal. If you experience any uncomfortable rubbing, some vaseline will reduce friction.

    Top 5 Best Rideable Dildos You Can Buy Today

    You can find hundreds of suction cup dildos from any sex shop across the globe, but they aren't all created equal. If you want the best bang (literally) for your buck, check out these incredible rideable dildos you can buy today at Toy Hub USA.

    Pipedream Real Feel Deluxe 9"

    Many brands claim to offer "realistic skin" with their products. Pipedream gets pretty close to delivering with this soft silicone that is much more like the real deal than you would expect, given the price. The veins and detail of the head make for a pleasurable experience, lending texture alongside the smooth glide.

    The suction cup is one of the stronger you can find, giving you more control over the 9 inches of pure bliss. A pair of squeezable balls with real-looking and feeling wrinkles complete the effect.

    Doc Johnson "Bust It" Squirting Realistic Cock

    Speaking of realism, having a dildo that can ejaculate can make all the difference in feeling like you are really having sex. It is also a convenient way to get some lubricant without stopping and applying it. This squirting cock from Doc Johnson gives you that power.

    Coming in three different colors (white, brown, and black), this 8.5-inch wall-mounted dildo is an impressive addition to the "real skin" style of sex toy. The shape, material, textures, and size give the impression of an actual penis. Squeeze the balls to release the aptly named "nut butter" that comes with it, created to resemble real semen as closely as possible.

    Nasstoys 7" Vibrating All American-Whopper

    Suppose you need a little more pow to see fireworks. In that case, you will appreciate the All American Whopper, a veiny 7-inch dildo with intense vibrations to send you off like the Fourth of July. The head, in particular, has been crafted with incredible detail, including a remarkably accurate coloration. A deep groove provides additional sensation, rounding out the experience.

    It runs on AA batteries, which is a slight downside in a world of rechargeable sex toys. But given the low price tag for such a satisfying suction cup dildo, it is worth the inconvenience of switching them out.

    Doc Johnson Raging Hard Ons Slimline 4.5" Dong

    Prefer something a little smaller to jump on? Then this is the rideable dildo for you. At only 4.5 inches, it looks much more similar to the average guy you could meet on the street. That has a real appeal, and the raised veins and large head offer plenty of sensation that proves it isn't the size of the boat; it's the motion of the waves.

    The suction cup is a little shallow, affecting how well it adheres to surfaces. Getting it wet helps correct it. Even with that tiny setback, it belongs on this list for the design alone. You will be amazed at what 4.5 inches can do.

    Pipedream Dillio Purple Anal Teaser

    More interested in how these toys can be used for anal? This isn't your standard dildo mount; the Dillio is a tapered butt plug with the perfect shape for p-spot stimulation (similar to G-spot dildos). It was designed with a steep curve upward, which can be faced upward or downward depending on how you want to rub against the prostate.

    The slope gives you a thick base with a thinner head, which makes it perfect for harnesses for pegging or other anal play.

    Wall Mounted Dildo: The Perfect Ride

    A suction cup dildo is a perfect addition to any sex toy drawer. It is the ultimate tool for a great solo ride and can also be used with a harness to share the fun with a partner. Stick one of these wall-mounted dildos up and go to town!

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