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    Large & Thick Dildos

    Finding the right-sized dildo is essential to getting the best possible experience. Not everyone likes to play it safe. A large and thick real life dildo can be the perfect way to enhance the fantasy, whether you are playing with a partner or riding solo.

    Read on if you are a naughty person who likes extra length or girth! This article will cover the unique pleasures of an extra-large dildo in your toy chest.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Large & Thick Dildos

    Why Get a Large Dildo?

    The reasons for buying a large dildo toy are pretty straightforward: because you like it and because they feel amazing. There are plenty of toys to choose from, which all comes down to what gets you going the most. For some, that means a girthy dildo to push the bounds of what the body can take. For others, giant porn star dildos bring the naughty girl fantasy out.

    Some people feel stigmatized for this desire. They think their toys should be small and discreet, hidden away like some dirty secret. But the truth is that many women and men prefer a wide dildo, or just a longer one, to the more realistic pieces of silicone you see in most sex shops.

    How To Insert An Extra Large Dildo

    If you are new to giant toys, you might wonder if they are easy to insert. The answer is that it depends. For some users, it will be easy, while others might have to work their way up. Neither is proof that they can take a large dildo or not. Like so many other things, it is a matter of practice making perfect.

    To insert a dildo, you need three things:

    • Lubrication- Even if you produce plenty of your own, having some extra lube is very helpful if you prefer a huge package. Water-based lube is usually best since most modern sex toys are made of silicone. Plus, water-based is safer and less likely to cause infections or irritation. Especially for women who are going to be using it vaginally.
    • Training- For the rare user, they will be able to take a large dildo on the first spin with no trouble. This is especially likely if they are used to taking an abnormally large partner. But for most newbies to the giant dick, taking it slow is the best policy. Be patient with yourself, using natural arousal and pleasure to allow you to take more of the toy as you go. Don't push yourself too far; a bit of a sting is normal, but actual pain is not.
    • Relaxation- The most important factor of using a thick dildo, in particular, is to relax the body. If you are too tense, your muscles will lock up, becoming a matter of fighting your natural responses. If you cannot calm down enough to use a larger toy, start with a step below and work your way up until you are comfortable and confident.

    Is A Long Or Thick Dildo Better?

    Your experience will show whether you prefer length, girth, or both in a toy. There is no way of knowing until you try. In most cases, the width will be the most critical element of the perfect dildo.

    Both the vaginal and anal canals are only so long. When inserting a toy, you will sometimes run into a wall. Maybe it will be a stop caused by discomfort, or you can't go any further. In whatever case, it limits the realistic length that will be insertable.

    A girthy dildo, on the other hand, can always be worked up to. The body is made to stretch and accommodate more significant sizes - it can even fit a girthy double-sided dildo for simultaneous anal and vaginal play. The press of a toy against the walls will also stimulate the nerves found there.

    Are Girthy Dildos Safe To Use Anally?

    There is nothing wrong with using a larger dildo for anal penetration. The only caveat is that you want to do so safely. No one should jump to a thick toy when they haven't done anal training to get there. Going too far too fast is a quick way to a good cry and other medical problems that can have a lasting effect on the body.

    Try an anal training kit, or use graduating sizes of toys until you make it to the highest level you like. Use plenty of lubricant along the way, and note what does and doesn't work for you. Never do anal training when inebriated, which can mask the pain that could be a sign that you are pushing yourself beyond your limits.

    Are Wide Dildos Safe To Use Vaginally?

    The vagina is one part of the body that is naturally formed to stretch to incredible degrees. Think about it. The canal can open wide enough to accommodate a baby. Chances are, even the largest toy you choose isn't going to be as big as a child's head, giving you an idea of what you can take if you decide to.

    Women can use extra large dildos vaginally if they choose to. But the rules of being careful and working your way up still apply. Just because ladies can stretch that far doesn't mean they should jump into doing it. Remember, the point here is pleasure; pleasure doesn't have to come with pain.

    The Bottom Line: Large Dildos, Yay or Nay?

    There is no correct answer to the perfect size of your sex toys when it comes down to them. If you like a large dildo, good for you! There are plenty of options, from long silicone schlongs to meaty and girthy dildos, to meet the needs of the pickiest size queen. The sky's the limit when it comes to what gets you off. Treat yo'self!

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