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    G-Spot Vibrators

    The world of vibrators has become increasingly varied over the years. Whatever your style or preference, you can find something out there that will rock your world. If you have never experienced the bliss of a g-spot orgasm, this is the year to shake things up and get your first g-spot vibrator.

    But what exactly is a g-spot sex toy? What makes it different than a standard vibrator? Is it worth investing in a g-spot toy, and can't a regular vibrating dildo do the same? Read on to learn everything you need to know about these toys and how they can knock your socks off.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about G-Spot Vibrators

    How Do I Use a G-Spot Vibrator?

    There are many different types of g-spot sex toys on the market today. Each one will bring its own unique qualities to enjoy. The way you use them will depend on your personal preferences, but the general idea is the same. They are penetrative toys meant to be inserted shallowly and bent up to press into the g-spot.

    If you are new to these vibrators, it is recommended that you start gently. Let your body adjust to the feeling of your g-spot being stimulated. Play around with different intensities and vibration speeds, and settings. Pay attention to how your body reacts. You can push it in and out, or just press it against the spot and leave it, allowing the toy to do its work. 

    Throw in a bullet sex toy for simultaneous clitoral stimulation and enter heaven on earth!

    Remember to always clean your toys well with a gentle anti-bacterial cleaner that is rated for your toy's material. If you need more lubrication, try a water-based lube with no flavoring.

    Is The G-Spot Real?

    It is time to put this debate to rest: yes, the g-spot is very real. Medically named the Grafenberg spot, you will find this hidden gem located approximately one inch inside the vagina. Those who have never played with the g-spot may be surprised by how shallow and easy to access it is. During sex or masturbation, it is even easier to find, thanks to the way it swells when a woman is aroused.

    Taking some time to explore and find your g-spot is great for increasing your pleasure, both solo and with a partner. To find it, slide the fingers into the vagina with the pads facing upward and the digits slightly bent. Around an inch in, press up toward the pelvic bone until you feel a spongy, bumpy section that is less smooth than the rest of the vaginal canal. That is your g-spot.

    What Happens When The G-Spot Is Stimulated?

    The g-spot provides intense internal pleasure for most women. At times, it can also create a release of additional fluid from the Skene's glands located in the urethra, referred to as "female ejaculate," or colloquially called "squirting."

    Because the sensation can be overpowering, women new to g-spot stimulation may find the experience to be too much. A g-spot toy is helpful, as the speed and pressure can be controlled. It gives the user a chance to get used to the feeling and enjoy it.

    And for a more advanced sex play, opt for a thrusting vibrating dildo for otherworldly orgasmic bliss. 

    Can a Regular Vibrator Hit The G-Spot?

    Regular vibrators are not made to hit the g-spot. That doesn't mean they can't; if you can tilt it upward, it might be possible to reach the right spot. You can also reposition your body to make it more likely. The more curved the vibrator is, the better your chances.

    A g-spot vibrator is made to reach that spot easily, without any odd contortions of the body or awkward angles. It is the simplest way to experience a g-spot orgasm.

    What Should I Look For In a G-Spot Sex Toy?

    When it comes to g-spot vibrators, you have a host of features that can change the user experience. We can break them down into three main categories:

    1. G-Spot Only - These toys are meant for penetration alone. They can come in different sizes and shapes, either as a standard dildo that curves upward or a wand-style with a thin, often flexible base with a rounded head. The first will provide additional girth that presses on the vaginal walls to stimulate the nerves of the canal, then press the head into the g-spot. The second provides more focused pressure on the g-spot to narrow in on the feeling and is created to focus on the orgasm. An example is the Lovehoney Fifty Shades Freed Lavish Attention. Made for those who want a truly intense experience, this g-spot vibrator has a deep curve. While it has a ribbed nub that presses against the clit, the primary focus is the g-spot.

    2. G-Spot and Clit - A dual-purpose vibrator, these provide an attachment meant to stimulate the clit while curving up into the g-spot. They are the more popular options, as the majority of women cannot achieve orgasm through penetration alone. Most have the clitoral piece built in, but others are removable, including those that use a swappable egg. For this style, try the Evolved Novelties Power Couple. A unique sex toy, this is an adjustable vibrator that combines two toys in one. The wand is a thin, flexible arched shaft made to directly hit the g-spot with a removable clitoral vibrator.

    3. G-Spot, Clit, and Anus- For those who enjoy anal activity to further boost their pleasure, these three-piece toys have two attachments, with one that can be inserted into the anus. Not all of them are g-spot specific, so it is important to take note of the shape of the middle vibrator. If it curves upward, it will reach the g-spot effectively.

    A great option for anal lovers is the Calexotics Triple Tease Vibe. This three-way vibrator provides flexible attachments for both the clit and anus, along with a curved center penetrator that can easily reach your sweet spot.

    There is no shortage of g-spot vibrators to choose from out there. From toys that have attachments for the clit, to different sizes and shapes, to flexible wands and realistic vibrators, you can find anything that tickles your fancy. So if you have never experienced the joys of a g-spot orgasm for yourself, now is the time. Once you have discovered that cherished little spot inside you, you won't want to stop. Browse our website to find your favorite G-Spot sex toy! Buy one today at Toy Hub USA!

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