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    7 products
    Strict Arm Binder
    Xr Brands Strict
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    Extra Long Mink Tail Metal Anal Plug
    Xr Brands Tailz
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    Black Cat Tail Anal Plug and Mask Set
    Xr Brands Tailz
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    Cuff Her Handcuff Necklace
    Xr Brands Master Series
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    Scandal Pegging Panty L/XL
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    Sex and Mischief Silicone Lips
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    Fetish Wear & Clothing: A Frisky Appetite

    Don’t be afraid to unleash your kinky side and embrace lacey corsets, dominating latex, bondage handcuffs and exciting BDSM attire. Whether you’re just getting started with fetish-wear clothing or want to update your wardrobe, we have everything you could need at Toy Hub USA.

    Fetish wear and clothing is a fun and exciting addition to the sexual experience, providing a playful and adventurous side that can enhance your pleasurable moments with a partner – or just by yourself. There are many different kinks that you can explore, from the exciting feeling of having your wrist and ankles in restraints during sex or living out your fantasies with an animal tail anal plug.

    Whatever your sexual desires are, we’re here to provide you with the best quality fetish wear and fifty shades of grey sex toys. Fetish wear is more than just exploring your sexual side; it’s about empowering yourself and experimenting – you could even just wear a fetish outfit to make a serious fashion statement in your everyday life.

    At Toy Hub USA, we stock a range of fetish wear and clothing for you or a partner to enjoy. From bondage restraints made of high-quality leather to adventurous anal plugs and pegging panties, we have the products to satisfy even the kinkiest of your desires.

    What is Fetish Wear?

    Fetish wear is clothing and accessories designed to be provocative and kinky. They are made to fire up people’s ‘kinks’ – which could be anything that gets you sexually excited.

    When you put on a fetish outfit, you’ll feel sexually empowered and adventurous, ready to take your pleasure to new heights and explore parts of typical love-making that you’d never delved into. From having your nipples teased by a feather tickler, or donning a bunny mask and matching anal plugs, fetish wear is perfect to amp up your intimate moments.  

    What to Wear to a Fetish Ball / Club / Party

    You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for extra BDSM supplies and a killer fetish outfit to wear to a ball, club, or party. Most fetish events will have a strict dress code, so make sure you read up on this before buying any outfits.

    Think tight latex or leather outfits, with plenty of accessories to bring the fun. Dress up in a skin-tight dress and accessorize with textured gloves, or wear one of our Kink Open Cup Teddy to give someone a sexy surprise when they take off your clothes.

    It’s all about being comfortable, but don’t be scared to leave your comfort zone and embrace all of your kinks through your fetish wear.

    What are Different Types of Fetish Clothing?

    There are plenty of different types of fetish wear. After all, it’s all about what you find attractive and sexy.

    At Toy Hub USA, we stock a range of products to cater to a range of kinks and fetish clothing preferences. Some fetish wear is all about masking your identity through masks, like with our Bunny Tail Anal Plug and Mask Set.

    It’s also common for fetish wear to revolve around anal stimulation, which can be seen in our  . With these, you can live out an animalistic fantasy with a partner and be teased with penetration at the same time.

    What are Some Examples of a Good Fetish Outfit?

    A good fetish outfit can completely change your approach to sex, taking you from being submissive to dominant or bringing out your adventurous side.

    An example of a great outfit starts with what you’re wearing underneath – don’t just wear regular underwear. Experiment with fetish underwear, like our Kink Open Cup Teddy, which is crotchless for easy access and comes with a matching mask to heighten your senses during sex.

    Then it’s time to get a bit playful. With our Black Cat Tail Anal Plug and Mask Set you’ll be purring with pleasure in no time and can add an exciting new layer to your sexual experiences. 

    Or if BDSM and restraints are your things, our Strict Arm Binder pulls your arms behind your back and restricts all movement so you can be submissive and let your partner have their way with you.


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