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    Masturbation Sleeves

    Almost everyone masturbates, but nearly no one wants to talk about it. And that's okay because, well, your solo sex life is your business. But there's no doubt that masturbation feels good. It's relaxing. It's satisfying. And the orgasm? You can get as many as you want because you own your body, and it tells you where and how to touch it.

    Surprisingly (or not), there's a lot of shame that surrounds male masturbation and male sex toys like masturbation sleeves. And no, it's not because their hands are the best strokers out there. Society has taught men to masturbate as quickly and quietly as possible.

    Whatever the reason, the fact remains that male sex toys are not as popular when compared to vibrators for women. Most men would rather use their hands, even though it doesn't feel as good as a masturbation sleeve. 

    You shouldn't have to negotiate or compromise on the quality of your orgasm. And this is why the male masturbation sleeve can be your next best friend. But what is a male masturbation sleeve, and how can it make your masturbation journey more adventurous?

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Masturbation Sleeves

    What Is a Masturbation Sleeve?

    Masturbation sleeves (aka Fleshlights, strokers, or pocket pussies) are textured devices that wrap over the penis and stimulate it. Sleeves for masturbation come in various materials, shapes, and textures. The Fleshlight is one of the most well-known masturbation sleeves and has improved lives since 1998. It features a rugged exterior and a mushy interior. However, some are soft jelly-like tubes, while other masturbators vibrate or pulsate. Some require that you use lubes, and some require powder. 

    Sleeves are generally lined with bumps and ridges to give them a different feel than your hand or your partner's hand. In fact, most masturbation sleeves are designed to simulate vaginal, oral, or anal sensations. So yeah, with masturbation sleeves, each thrust feels like the real deal.

    How To Use A Male Masturbation Sleeve?

    Masturbation sleeves are easy to use. You insert your sex pistol into it and move like you would if you were masturbating with your hands. It's just that this time, it feels so much better than using lubed hands.

    While masturbation sleeves are a great way to spice up your personal masturbation game, you can also use them in couples and multi-partnered activities. You can use this sex toy for various activities, from solo masturbation to anal play. Here's how to use a male masturbation sleeve for different purposes. 

    Mutual Masturbation 

    Suppose you or your partner enjoy watching the other person please themselves. In that case, you should definitely include this in your next session. And here's why: Mutual masturbation allows you to touch your own body while your partner touches theirs, creating a smoking hot scene. While mutual masturbation can be done without equipment, you or your partner can use a masturbation sleeve if you have one. You can also reach for one of our celebrity masturbators if being with a porn star is one of your kinks. It really can make all the difference.

    Virtual Sex 

    The fantastic thing about male masturbation sleeves is their versatility. You don't have to be physically present to enjoy a masturbation sleeve-enhanced mutual masturbation session. 

    To heighten the experience, you should use more lubrication than you usually would. Lubes give the sleeves a slick appearance and moist sounds, which can be enticing visually and audibly.

    Hand Jobs

    realistic male masturbator can make hand jobs easier and more pleasurable. They reduce the strain on your arm, and your partner won't get tired quickly.

    Oral Sex

    Some masturbation sleeves resemble donuts and have two open ends. These models are a fantastic supplement to oral sex on the penis. It can be beneficial, especially if your partner has a delicate gag reflex or dislikes deep-throating. Your partner can put their mouth on the head of your gospel pipe and use their hand to stroke the rest of the shaft with open masturbation sleeves.

    Anal Play

    During anal play, you can experience different types of sensations at a time. You don't have to neglect your penis when receiving anal sex. Instead, you can make the most of your experience by masturbating with the sleeves while having receptive anal sex, being fingered anally, or being rimmed.

    How Does a Masturbation Sleeve Work?

    By mimicking the pleasurable feel of the vagina, anus, or mouth, a masturbation sleeve can help men and their partners heighten their sexual pleasure. Penis sleeves commonly come with internal and external ribs, nubs, and length extensions to make sex more thrilling, sensual, and intimate. For example, a ribbed interior can stimulate the sensitive parts of the penis—palms can't reproduce this! And external ribs will stimulate your partner! 

    Vibrating male masturbator sleeves can make sex more pleasurable by adding girth or extra length to the penis or providing vibration. They can also make penetrative intercourse easier for you if you have erectile dysfunction. Plus, you can have sex with your lover even if you aren't fully erect. 

    How To Clean Masturbation Sleeve

    As with every other sex toy, your masturbation sleeve should be cleaned with soap and water after each use. You can also wash them before each use as an extra precaution. Cleaning with a minimal amount of mild soap is recommended because too much soap can cause the product to break down. When your cleaning a masturbation sleeve flip it inside out as if it were a sock to get into all the nooks and crannies.

    If your masturbation sleeve is made of Cyberskin and vinyl, you should be careful about the soap you use to clean it. These are both porous materials, so use mild soaps only. A cornstarch dusting is recommended after washing. This prevents the material from becoming sticky or quickly deteriorating. 

    Get a Male Masturbation Sleeve Today!

    So there you have it—all you need to know about masturbation sleeves to spice up your sex life. Whatever male masturbation sleeve you pick will definitely blow your mind. Hurry up and grab one today and happy masturbating!

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